“A warrior’s love is the world. He embraces this enormous earth. The earth knows that he loves it and it bestows on him its care. That’s why his life is filled to the brim and his state, wherever he’ll be, will be plentiful. He roams on the paths of his love and, wherever he is, he is complete.”

Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power

Who or what is this Earth, this breathtakingly beautiful planet that teems with life, unique (so far as we can tell) in the entire Universe?  Science just about gets to the point of considering the planet to be a living organism, but what does that mean?  Who loves ‘a living organism?’  This is why each tribe has its own creation myth about the origins of the Earth and our species.  We are story-tellers, our ancestors sat around campfires telling and retelling the stories that had been passed down to them. Myth in this sense being a description of a true event, rendered in poetic terms, as opposed to a lie or fantasy.  We need these stories to provide the conceptual frameworks within which we create meaning in our lives.

This is one reason why religion has been so attractive to so many.  However, what have any of the religions actually done for the Earth?  Hasn’t time run out on paternalistic belief systems that promise a heavenly afterlife (to those judged deserving) while turning a blind eye to the destruction of life on Earth?  They have neither authority nor credibility.  How about moving beyond the tyranny of belief altogether?

Eradicating beliefs is not easy, it might even be impossible, but with a little effort we can choose what to believe and examine the beliefs we choose.  This is where mythology comes in.  Myths are stories that have stood the test of time, passed down through the generations in written or aural format.  Every culture has its Creation Myth and the big question in examining any such myth is not how true it is, but how beneficial.  What does it say about the Divinity of the Earth and our place here?

Of all the Creation Mythologies the Sophianic Mysteries, as described by the Gnostics are the most beautiful and complete.  The Gnostics (from gnosis meaning to know) referred to themselves as the Telestai – or ‘those who are aimed’ as a reference to the Narrative that guided them.  They were almost completely wiped out for teaching how to access knowledge or wisdom (Sophia means wisdom) via direct experience and their vast libraries burned.  Only fragments of their teachings remain.  However, there is enough to work out that they determined that the Earth was a living Goddess and that the entire future of the human race depends on co-evolution with Her.  There is no judgment, only participation.

You would have to live a very secluded life to be blind to the momentous events unfolding on the planet right now.  This is what the Gnostics called diorthosis, translated by John Lash as Correction – a two-path Correction.  You are participating in this Correction, whether you know it or not.  To know it is a lot more fun!

Here is a summary of the Nine Episodes of the Fallen Goddess Scenario, as reconstructed and re-imagined by John Lash, the pre-eminent scholar of the Sophianic Mysteries, comparative mythologist and practising Gnostic Shaman.  This is extracted from his website

“Writings attributed to ancient seers known as Gnostics describe an outpouring of energy from the center of our galaxy that eventually forms the planet earth. This event and its consequences are recounted in the narrative of the fallen goddess Sophia, whose name means “wisdom.” My summary of this “creation myth” uses a transposition of it mythic features into terms consistent with modern cosmology. Following the summary is an evaluation of what the myth tells us about life on earth, and how it may be corroborated by scientific finding, on the other hand, and mythology, on the other.

The complete scenario can be summarized in nine episodes:

1. A singularity, the potential for a unique divine experiment, emerges in the galactic center (Pleroma)


2. Two divinities (Aeons) in the galactic core, Sophia and Thelete, configure the singularity into the Anthropos, i.e., they encode template of the human species


3. The divinities of the cosmic center collectively project the Anthropos into the galactic limbs where it can emerge and evolve experimentally in many worlds


4. Fascinated by the possibilities of the human experiment, and compelled by a desire to be involved in it, the Aeon Sophia plunges from the galactic center


5. Sophia’s solitary and anomalous act (“the fall of the wisdom goddess”) sets off a bizarre side-effect on elementary matter in the galactic limbs, producing the Archons, an inorganic species with a hive mentality that proceeds to construct a planetary system under the direction of a reptilian overlord, Ialdabaoth


6. As the densification of Sophia’s energies assumes a globular, planet-like form, eventually to become the earth, a newborn sun (the Mother Star) emerges from a nebular cloud in the spiral arms and churns the chaos of the proto-planetary disk into a system of centralized orbits. The terrestrial globe becomes captured in this system of celestial mechanics. The Mother Star affects a “structural coupling” with the unique planet arising from Sophia’s metamorphosis of Sophia, so that the two bodies, sun and earth, will be symbiotic


7. Sophia, originally a mass-free current of living luminosity, gradually solidifies into the earth, morphing into the elements of terrestrial habitat. In a final definitive condensation of Sophia’s energies, the terrestrial globe secretes the moon like a massive pearl, thus completing the three-body system, earth-sun-moon with special properties distinct from the rest of the solar system


8. Observing that Sophia cannot manage the prodigious explosion of biological diversity she produces, the divinities of the galactic center send the Aeon Christos to configure and coordinate the instinctual life-plans of her progeny. This is the Christic intercession.


9. With the full metamorphosis of Sophia into Gaia, the living earth, humanity emerges as a unique part of her experiment but without knowing how it is so. Thus, the “mistake” of overriding cosmic boundaries leaves Sophia in a dilemma regarding how to achieve her “correction,” that is, the coordination or harmonization of her experiment in the galactic limbs with its origin in the galactic center.”

The beauty of this myth is that it is ongoing; there is no Judgment Day, no Salvation or Damnation.  Freedom from all religion. The Myth develops according to our participation in it and with the Goddess, Gaia-Sophia Herself.

Here is a video of the first scene of the Nine Part Fallen Goddess Scenario, beautifully rendered by Hans Carlsson and Asa Wideen.