Gaian Alchemy

“In all thine operations, let the Work be guided by nature, according to the slow progression of metals in the bowels of the Earth. And in thine efforts, be guided in all ways by the true and not the fantastic imagination.”

Theatrum Rosarium

Gaian Alchemy is the living expression of the work initially presented by John Lash in Santa Fe in 1982-83, now continuing in Gaia’s perfect laboratory, here in Galicia.  We are no longer searching for the Philosopher’s Stone, that mythical substance with the power to bring anything it touches to perfection. The Philosopher’s Stone and the Holy Grail are references to the Organic Light, the divine body of the Aeon Sophia.

“The Radiant Wisdom Stone is Sophia’s supernatural body”  JLL The Radiant Wisdom Stone

This was common knowledge at the time of the Pagan Mysteries, even though only initiates would have had first-hand experience and the methodology for encountering the Light remained a close-guarded secret.  The practice was forbidden under the Church of Rome, under penalty of death, and the knowledge was lost and the practices forgotten.  The eradication of the Pagan Mysteries was so effective that even when people saw the Light, they didn’t know what it was without the framework of the Mysteries to guide them.  As was my own experience before discovering John’s work.

The aim of the Mysteries was to teach initiates how to enter an ecstatic trance and with the deliberate intention of receiving instruction from the Light, regarding a specific subject or question. This is the method we call telestic shamanism and a key tool in Gaian Alchemy. Our other tools are intense observation, paying attention to all physical and subtle senses, dream-work and imagination.

And what is the aim of Gaian Alchemy?  The on-going refinement of the process of creation through interaction with the planetary intelligence, leading to conscious creation of the biosphere.  Over the coming months we will be testing and updating the original material from the Course on Alchemy taught in Santa Fe in 1982, with the aim of publishing a book and creating a new Course in Alchemy, to be taught here.

to be continued…….