Nemeta, meaning sacred groves, is the School of Sophianic Arts and Sciences that will continue and develop the work of John Lamb Lash. After much research and consideration, we decided that the formal Foundation structure was too archontic for our needs and we have opted for a minimal structure and legal presence.

Nemeta will operate as an educational non-profit membership organization dedicated to teaching gnosis and the art of living to the full potential of the human psyche and imagination. It will promote Sophianic animism as a way of life and teach Planetary Tantra, Celestics, Gaian Alchemy and Kala Tantra in ways that have not been possible to date.  The web presence for Nemeta is currently in development.

After completion of the Mandela Effect Decoded all John Lash’s future work will be delivered under the Nemeta umbrella.  For a modest monthly fee, members will have access to new interviews and teaching, a membership directory, sharing tools and other benefits.  This structure is intended to extend the reach of John’s work and to enable him to continue at his pleasure, for as long as possible without financial stress. The membership structure will fund the development of his body of work to make it more accessible to the mystics of the future.

The aims and objectives of Permacultura e Alquimia Galicia (the non-profit association behind this blog) have been amended so that it is used solely for the purposes of developing Nemeta.  The association’s bank account is managed by Javier Martínez Salazar and overseen by John Lash and all funds go to Nemeta.

You can donate to the Nemeta Fund here.

If you would like to be updated regarding the progress of Nemeta, let us know using the contact form below.

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