Nemeta, meaning sacred groves, is the School of Sophianic Arts and Sciences that will continue and develop the work of John Lamb Lash.

The Nemeta website is currently in development and progressing well.  The structure is in place and most of the content has been loaded.  We are anticipating a spring launch.



Support Nemeta

In the meantime, a very small team of dedicated kalikas are working hard to get Nemeta online.  We are willing volunteers, but some things need to be paid for, and we are now looking for ways to raise money, creatively and beautifully.

An exclusive range of organic cotton and hemp t-shirts, with unique designs are now available on the NemetaArt Etsy shop.  Do check back regularly, as Lisa is adding to the range as fast as she can!

A few Nemeta Water Structuring discs are still available.  This batch is only available through me, and you can contact me using the form below if you are interested.  In future, the water structuring discs will also be available through NemetaArt on Etsy.

Or, donate to the Nemeta Fund here.

Permacultura e Alquimia Galicia (the non-profit association behind this blog) is a legal entity under Spanish law, necessary for developing Nemeta here in Spain.  The association’s bank account is managed by Javier Martínez Salazar and overseen by John Lash and all funds go to Nemeta.

Thank you for your interest and support!