The One-eyed Monster Exposed

The Meigas of Galicia

Meiga is the word used to describe the witches of Galicia.  In the rest of Spain they are called brujas.  Lately, I’ve been feeling the archetypal presence of the meiga very strongly.  I was planning to research them and write a post on it, but events overtook me, so I’ve recorded this piece instead.  If you like it, I might do more.

The one-eyed monster of the title refers to ‘the authorities’ who started the fires here, in Portugal and in California too.

Galician saying:  Eu non creo nas meigas, pero habelas hainas 

I do not believe in witches but they exist.



Red sun through the smoke


This is a short film about the ‘Olláparo’ the cyclops of Galicia.