The Truth About John Lamb Lash

The Truth About John Lamb Lash

I’ve recently been informed that John Lash, a very dear friend of mine, is currently the target of a nasty and libelous hate campaign, conducted by people that he used to consider friends.   I intend this post to act as a counter-balance to the lies that will circulate forever on the internet, directed towards anyone who values the pursuit of truth. John has not asked me to write this. I’m doing it because it is my natural instinct to defend a friend and because it gives me the opportunity to comment on a few things that are on my mind.

False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.

PLATO, Phaedo

Let’s start with some facts. I first met John on the 2nd November 2014. That is an indisputable fact; it will not change if John moves to Australia, or if I decide never to see him again. Facts are independently verifiable and static. So I can offer lots of facts about our meeting, where it was, who else was there but you won’t find it that interesting, because you aren’t looking for facts. You are looking for the Truth About John Lash. But what is Truth? Would you recognize it if it didn’t conform to your expectations?

It is curious that there is no universally accepted definition of Truth. Some people take that to mean that Truth does not exist. If you are one of those people, don’t waste your time reading any further as you are already lost. Truth is most often described by what it is not: not error, not deception, not self-contradictory. Truth must be factually correct, but comprises of another quality in addition to the facts. That quality rests in the capacity of the witness to perceive the Truth. In looking for the Truth About John Lash, you are in reality looking for the perceptions of a sane human witness, who is not lying or communicating with deception and whose words other sane human witnesses can corroborate.

That said, the notion that Truth is a noun is itself a deception. Consider the legal oath: “I swear by Almighty God to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” Yet the words of the witness are not ‘the truth’ until determined to be so by the judge and jury, based on their perceptions of the witness, the circumstances, the verifiable facts and corroborating testimony from other witnesses. Truth functions as a dynamic modality, rather than an inactive noun. As such, it operates through the normal senses, observation etc. and through the mirroring attention of two or more human witnesses who want ‘to truth’.

So, in exploring the Truth About John Lash, I will describe my perceptions based on my interactions with the man and his work, which is grounded in the mirroring function that operates between us. As you read these words, you are making judgments based on your perceptions, which reflects your mirroring function too. In order for a mirror to function properly, it must be clean. We clean the mirroring function by examining our beliefs, biases, habits and behaviours and replacing those that we don’t like anymore. It is a totally subjective process that always delivers clarity, nonetheless. And there is no end to it. It becomes a new habit to be refined and replaced and through this process the mirroring function is honed and sharpened. However, failure to engage in this process means that your mirroring function is distorted by the beliefs, biases, habits and behaviours that were instilled in you by others. What effect do you think this has on your ability to perceive Truth? And what happens when you encounter something or some one that does not conform to your preconceived notions of Truth?

I was not Jew-wise before encountering John’s work and, like many other people growing up in a city had Jewish friends, who were good people. I researched the Holocaust issue before meeting him and saw that the much-touted murder of six million Jews is a total fabrication. You must do this research yourself in order to discover Truth for yourself and no one can do this for you because the whole fabric of our modern society is woven from the holocaust lie and you are entrained into it until you break free. You break free through questioning and research that enable you ‘to Truth’ and the process of ‘truthing’ unlocks your potential, which is suppressed by the lies we live by.

When I decided to meet John, Truth was guiding me to a path that I wasn’t sure I wanted to take. It was uncomfortable. I have Jewish friends. I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to take action against those who are responsible for so much suffering, deliberately inflicted. What about my friends? They are not evil. I wasn’t sure that John had anything useful to offer on the subject of eliminating social evil, let alone whether those solutions lived up to the promise of his other work. I went to visit John to see if he was just blowing smoke, or whether he had anything real to offer me on my path.

The Truth About John Lash is measured in how his words and actions operate within the lives of those with whom he interacts. My life has been enriched through knowing him and his work and I am one of many. Enmeshing my life within The Terma of Gaia Awakening that John uniquely brought to the planet has given me focus within a framework and a modus operandi that enable me to live to the fullness of my potential everyday. This includes facing the evil-doers and finding the strength and means to confront them, without losing sight of the breath-taking Beauty of life. My trepidation has turned to pleasure as I discover how I can direct the Rage of the Planetary Animal Mother through my bond with Her and my place in the Thunderbird Formation of the Kalika War Party. I have made new friends and tested the limits of other friendships – no bad thing!

The critical point for most people is the acceptance of the fact that all of the problems we face in the world today hinge on the issue of the holocaust. One of the individuals active in the hate campaign against John told me in an email exchange that he is “Not going to argue the number of Jews killed by Nazis. It’s John’s rhetoric and the rhetoric of his followers towards the Jews now that bothers me.  Cults need enemies.” What a neat little soft-shoe shuffle with a do-si-do this is. First, refuse to engage in any discussion of the facts, (shuffle-shuffle). Then complain that you don’t like the language that John and ‘his followers’ use to call out the perpetrators of the alleged crime that you refuse to investigate. (One step forward, one step back – is it a lie, is it not a lie? You’ll never know unless you look, will you?) And finally, let’s make John the problem, because he is a cult-leader and needs to create an enemy to justify his position? (Twist around a back to where you started – not going anywhere fast.) Does this look like the reasoning of an individual who is capable of perceiving the Truth about John’s character?

You must search for the Truth and face it, no matter how ugly, in order to hone your mirroring function.

Moving on……..Let’s talk about ‘hate speech’ for a moment. Many people seem to have a problem with John’s so-called hate speech. That is when he talks about hating the self-selected Zionists and their goyim collaborators who have declared their intent to kill off most of us and enslave the rest.  There are three issues here I’d like to address, briefly:

    1. The psychological purpose of hate
    2. The function of hate speech in society
    3. The liberal double standard regarding hate

Hate is a natural emotion that arises when one is confronted by some one who is doing or has done you or your loved ones harm, or is preventing you from doing something you must do. Problems arise when emotions are repressed, not when they are expressed. Repressed emotions weaken the immune system and ultimately lead to the inability to act rationally.

To repress our hatred for oppressors, predators and violators of humanity is to deny us the strength and courage to deal with them. Human animals are innately good, except for the 5-10% of psychopaths, pedophiles and predators. Our goodness prevents us from enacting the ultimate sanction, the taking of a life, against another unless we are driven by personal hatred.

Hate cannot be faked. It is like a compass needle pointing directly to your enemy, so that you can take appropriate action to protect yourself and what you love.

Hate speech in a stable society functions as a safety valve, letting people know that a boundary has been breached. In most cases the expression of hate will only ‘hurt feelings’ and not lead to instability in the community, provided that free speech is allowed for all members of society.

Today, in Europe, we have the situation where non-natives are allowed to express their hate for white European natives, but we are prohibited from expressing our hate for the invaders. As above, it is the repression of the hate denies the community the ability to resolve any problems in their early stages. The self-healing balance of the community is weakened by the repression of the native population and outbursts will become progressively more violent.

The liberal double standard on hate speech means that their ‘hate speech’ against anyone who disagrees with them is acceptable because it is ‘for the greater good,’ because those who disagree with them are expressing hate for the wrong reasons and this is not to be tolerated.  Don’t hate yourselves liberals, you are as flawed as the rest of us!

John expresses his hate and describes hate and its purpose in his own words: to protect what you love. This cannot drive anyone to hate, because hate doesn’t work that way. John is not doing and has never done anything to incite hatred.  However, natural hate arising when one is under attack cannot be repressed, no matter how many laws are passed.  The issue for everyone is to make sure that any hate is directed towards the correct target. Conversely, if you do not have any reason to feel hate in your own life, long may that last. But how can you possibly justify denying others their hate?

Then there is the cult issue. Anyone who bothers to read any of John’s work will see that everything he says is the complete antithesis of any cult. What cult explains the importance of thinking for yourself, following your own desires and has a Terma, not a leader, as the guru?

The Truth About John Lash is that he is a counter-culture genius whose life’s work has been dedicated to recovering the genius potential for humanity to live co-creatively with the in-dwelling Divinity of the Earth. This is no small undertaking and his work is robust and will stand the test of time, long after his petty enemies have drowned in their own bile. I know him to be a man of great integrity. He is generous, courageous, humble, ruthless and totally transparent. His character is absolutely consistent with his work; he walks the talk.

You, gentle reader, must make your own judgment. However, if you really want to discover The Truth About John Lash, look for it in his work and what that inspires in you. If you are a rational human animal who is able to appreciate Beauty you will discover the Truth for yourself.