Yolanda of Galicia

Who am I? Why am I here? What is the nature of this reality? These questions have stalked me for most of my life. I found and discarded many answers. I’ve never defined myself by my job and my sense of purpose is a work-in-progress contribution to a beautiful world that is being deliberately destroyed by psychopaths. When Dean and I moved to Galicia in 2012 it was in the spirit of adventure and also with a sense of nihilistic pointlessness, that drove us to pleasure seeking rather than despair. Our only plan was to find a beautiful place, build a beautiful natural home and run some sort of retreats where interesting people would come to learn and share. And we’ve done that.

Yet those pesky questions followed me, although something was very different. In this setting, the living intelligence of nature and the earth was impossible to ignore and I hungered for more. My search for the source of life on this planet led me to the story of the earth and the Fallen Goddess Scenario. This narrative is far superior to that into which I was born. It answers my questions by providing a framework within which to experience the teleological nature of existence and the interdependence of humankind and nature as a process of continual refinement. It is a grave error to assume (without investigation) that this approach is non-scientific, because any meaning and purpose is proven only through the living of it, with continual analysis and adjustment, not through mere belief. Life is both experiential and experimental. “Why am I here?” is a motivational question, without any possible definitive answer and the Sophianic Narrative keeps me correctly aimed – on the right path, you might say.

That might sound heavy, but it’s actually hugely enjoyable and satisfying. I am at pains to emphasize that my investigations into the realms of alchemy, healing and telestic shamanism follow a rigourous and repeatable methodology. I call myself a shaman (witch if you prefer) because I can prove it and the practices I follow and am developing draw heavily upon the lineage of the telestai of the European and Levantine Mystery Schools. (As recovered and reconstructed by my dear friend John Lamb Lash.) The teachers of these schools and adherents to these ancient pagan practices were all murdered by the Church of Rome for what they knew. The roots of the peoples of Europe are pagan, not Christian, and as our ways of life are once again threatened by middle-eastern invaders, I feel that the best contribution I can make is in regenerating these roots.

In the true tradition of the Mysteries, I’m learning about what interests me most, making mistakes along the way and teaching what I’m learning: how to live to my full potential as a female human animal, an Aryan, a white European aboriginal, a Sophianic Animist and an active participant in the experiment that is unfolding on this planet and with this planet.  I’m not intending this site to be a teaching site; it is more a commentary on my experiences, for the pleasure of sharing and I would love it if it inspired any true pagans, Aryan warriors and nature lovers to investigate these matters for themselves.

Amor fati,

Yolanda of Galicia

Yolanda Dolling May 2013




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