St John’s Wort

St John’s Wort, Hypericum perforatum, is another of my favourite healing plants.



It grows all over around here, more abundantly each year.  The healing plants are like that, the more they are appreciated, the more they grow.  St Johns Wort is said to be named after St John, because it begins flowering on St John’s day, the 24th June.  The bright yellow flowers look like the sun, star-shaped with stamens shooting out like tiny sun rays.

From Matthew Woods, The Earthwise Herbal

“It is best known as a first aid remedy for injuries to nerves—and is suited to injuries to parts rich in nerves (eye, fingertips, spine) where there are sharp, shooting pains, inflammation along nerves, acute sensitivity and pain, blood poisoning from injuries to fingers and toes (red stripes up the extremities), and clonic spasms and convulsions from inflamed nerves. Hypericum was considered a specific for tetanic convulsions in homeopathy

It is a fixture of Russian herbalism and medicine (which are not separate in that country). Russian indications are therefore extensive. It is considered to be a “liver remedy” and thus a “detoxifier.” We get some of these indications from Alma Hutchins and Fred Siciliano, OMD. The latter studied with Sydney Yudin, a Russian trained doctor of botanical medicine. Hypericum with Aloe powder (the purgative) is a deep detoxifier, according to Hutchins (1992, 258). Watch the urine: “Whole flakes of morbid matter are sometimes washed away with it.” St. John’s wort is particularly called for in cases where the innervations of the digestive tract, the autonomic, are weak and there is tension from a toxic liver—“liver overpowering the spleen” (Siciliano).

St. John’s wort and wood betony were the two most important remedies for psychiatric problems in the Middle Ages—what were then called the ill-effects of witchcraft and demons. Both plants strengthen the enteric brain, seat of the instincts, and it is in this manner that they “drive away evil influences”—the person gets stronger, so as not to fall under the domination of untoward people. Today, Hypericum is used for depression and anxiety. The exact mechanisms are uncertain, but it does not seem to be an MAO inhibitor.”

St John’s Wort for the nervous system

Many studies show that that the central nervous system is particularly affected by microwaves and ELF radiation, this map of EMF and the nervous system gives you a good overview of the issue and relevant studies. Many health practitioners who are not bought off by big pharma are now finding EMF pollution to be the root cause of all modern disease. It is impossible to escape EMF pollution and it has become a factor in our transmutation to Anthropos 11, whether we like it or not. Anyone who wants to remain healthy for as long as possible needs to reduce their EMF exposure in any way they can.  St John’s Wort has a special ability to support the nervous system and I find that a teaspoon of tincture through the winter months to be noticeably beneficial in maintaining calm alertness and mental clarity.

St John’s Wort is another healing plant that is associated with witchcraft.  I think that its proven ability to support the nervous system has a lot to do with its reputation for scaring away evil spirits and demons.  Anxiety make people susceptible to negative influence and the human imagination is good at creating demons.


St John’s Wort tincture

The tincture couldn’t be easier to make.  Just gather the flowers and buds, not any that have turned brown, put them in a jar and fill it with 100 proof alcohol.  I use the local moonshine, orujo, which my neighbour makes.  It turns bright red almost immediately and I leave it in the sun for a few weeks and then filter out the flowers and throw them out on the ground.  It seems that the seeds are very robust and often grow the following year.


For the first few years after we moved here I used to take a teaspoon of St Johns Wort tincture a day throughout the winter, now I don’t feel I need to.  I use it at other times if I’m feeling particularly tense, upset or overwhelmed, or if I’m spending too much time at the computer. I like it because it doesn’t numb the feeling, it just enables the nervous system to cope with the extra strain more effectively.  It is a good pain reliever for pain associated with nerves, like sciatica and inflammation.  I have used the tincture and the salve in combination for these conditions.

It’s also good for dogs.  I’ve given it to the girls after they’ve been spayed, it is recommended post-surgery as it helps with tissue and nerve healing and back strain or injuries.  It’s also good for anxiety caused by fireworks and hunters.

St John’s Wort salve

Some of the flowers go into olive oil and some coconut oil, to be left in the sun for a couple of weeks.  The flowers in the olive oil go bright red and those in the coconut oil a pinky-red.


I add beeswax to the St John’s Wort in olive oil to make a salve that will travel and can be kept for a while.  The St John’s Wort in coconut oil is excellent for burns, taking the pain out immediately and preventing blistering.  Although most oils should not be used on a fresh burn, coconut oil is the exception as it has a cooling effect.  It is also anti-microbial.  Both salves can be used topically for nerve pain, arthritis, shingles or any kind of inflammation and can be used on open wounds. I prefer yarrow for open wounds, unless there is bruising as well, in which case I’d use St John’s Wort.  It works just as effectively as arnica for bruising.  It also relives sunburn and frostbite.  I’ve read that some people have increased photo-sensitivity from using St John’s Wort, but I’ve not seen it in anyone myself.

I used St Johns Wort oil most spectacularly when I disturbed a wasp nest and was stung at least a dozen times and had a histamine overload.

I also keep some flowers dried flowers for tea on glum winter days.

Local medicine

As I’m plugged into the Planetary Animal Mother, I take it for granted that She wants me to be well and happy and that She has provided everything I need within walking distance to make it so.  Our ability to travel around and settle a long way from our indigenous homelands has made it harder for our mind-body systems, poisoned and attacked on so many fronts as they are, to access the innate self-healing with which we are endowed.  However, my experience here supports the notion that, if you are able to return to your ancestral homelands, your health will improve and the local medicine will be better than anything you can buy.  Especially if you make it yourself.

Update on wound healing with St John’s Wort

Our adopted dobermann Freya, was spayed last week.  The vets gave us a prescription for antibiotics, which we didn’t use.  Instead I gave Freya coconut oil with St John’s Wort, yarrow and cannabis for the first few days and rubbed the St John’s Wort in coconut oil on her surgical wound.  When we went back to the vet for her three-day check-up after the surgery, her temperature was normal and her wound was healing well with no sign of infection.

I used the St John’s Wort in coconut oil for the wound as it is anti-inflammatory and soothes nerves.  She hardly licked the wound at all and it healed very quickly.

Preparation for a Telestic Session

A telestic session is a directed encounter with the Organic Light, in a state of ecstatic trance, usually with the aid of shamanic plants.  Telestic shamanism is the method of the Gnostic seers of the Sophianic Mystery Schools, as recovered and rediscovered by John Lash.

Is it necessary to prepare for a telestic session?

I would say that the majority of us would benefit from some preparation; if nothing else, at the very least because we are not living the lives the Goddess intended for us in the pristine landscape of Her physical body.  Everyday we are dealing with massive amounts of pollution, electrosmog and toxic people.  How much preparation you need depends on how ruthless you are in any regular recapitulation you undertake, your mental and emotional hygiene, your physical condition and your environment.

For a group that is planning a telestic session together for the first time, I think that it is essential to do these practices together in the days leading up to the session. This will help reduce the likelihood of personal drama infecting the session, as well as helping group bonding. No doubt there are many methods of preparing for a telestic session.  I’ve used these methods in the two group sessions we have run so far, which were very successful.  These methods are also tools that can be used regularly as part of your recapitulation process.

What is recapitulation?

Simply put, recapitulation is clearing out memories and experiences, so that they don’t influence future experience. For example, if you don’t recapitulate on your childhood experience that made you afraid of dogs, that fear will always emerge when you meet another dog.  In this sense, recapitulation is a useful tool for letting go of life’s traumas and moving on.

For the warrior-shaman, recapitulation is necessary in order to get over any sense of narcissism or self-importance in order to maximize capacity. You can only experience the fullness of your desires, relationships, projects or challenges if you are rigorous in dumping out the dregs. Sometimes I get trapped in ideas about other people’s expectations, bogged down in replays of past events and lost in my own mental chatter, narrating the me-story – this is a call to recapitulation.

Most shamanic traditions mention the filaments or aka cords that connect you with anyone (living or dead) or thing or idea to which you have ever given any attention, or when some one else has given you their attention.  These connections become distracting after a while and eventually drain your attention and your energy. The objective of recapitulation is to review your connections and cull those you no longer want in your life. It is sometimes referred to as stalking yourself.

In the Sophianic Narrative the Earth is the physical body of the Aeon Sophia and everything on this planet is infused with Her Luminosity.  This is the Organic Light and It is everywhere all the time. Everything seems to float within it,  connected  with spiralling filaments of Her Living Light formed by the mirroring attention, invisible to normal vision.  Practitioners of Planetary Tantra cultivate awareness of these threads and consciously select those we want to weave into the fabrics of our lives and ruthlessly slice off anything that no longer pleases.

Three levels of recapitulation

I’ve found that memories and habits are stored in the mind-body system at three levels:

  1. In the somatic system of the physical body
  2. In the mind and the mental programmes it runs on
  3. Opening the chakras

A recapitulation that encompasses all three levels is more effective.  i usually start with the physical, because this acts as a general clearing process.  I do this exercise sometime in the first four days of the lunar shift, in preparation for a telestic session, or when I feel bogged down or upset by something.

Trauma release exercises (somatic recapitulation)

In this video David Bercelli explains how we are designed to experience trauma and also how to release it.  Even if you do not consider yourself to be traumatised you will get something out of this exercise, as most of us have been systematically traumatised from birth.  For practitioners of Planetary Tantra, the release from trauma is often followed by a burst of insight – an aha moment.  Sometimes this ‘learning from releasement’ will come immediately, sometimes days or even weeks later and it signifies the psychic release from a particular event.



Psychological recapitulation

I’m not one for lists.  I like processes to be fast, easy, cheap and effective and it’s too much to try and do all you recapitulation at once.  It’s much better to break it up into bite-sized chunks, based on what is most relevant at that time. This process is guided by the Dakini or Mahavidya on shift.  For example, the last time we did this, it was in the clearing phase of a Kamala shift, so we focused on recapitulating shame.  Shame is the enemy of desire. Anytime you do this, look towards what the mood of the shift is telling you about what you need to recapitulate on.

The process involves drawing five concentric circles on a sheet of paper, with the smallest one in the middle of the page.  In the small circle in the middle write a reference to your ‘Trigger event’, that is the event that comes to mind when you think about what caused you shame.  So, if for example it was getting caught stealing when you were younger, you would write ‘stealing’ in the centre circle.

The bands moving out from the centre circle, like a target, are for who, when, where and how you felt.  So moving out from the centre circle, upwards towards twelve o’clock, you might write shopkeeper (the who), 1985 (the when), local high-street (the where), fear (the feeling).  As you look at what you have written, you will find other related events that come to mind and you write these down on the same paper going backwards around the clock.  The moving backwards signifying an unwinding process.  Most likely you will find yourself with three or four events that are somehow connected in your mind.

The connections will be through the people or roles of people involved, authority figures for example, the particular time in your life (or different times when you were in similar situations), similar places and/or similar feelings.  Once you see the pattern, you will experience a notable cognitive – aha! You will see how that pattern has become embedded and is operating as a programme in your life, so that whenever you encounter one of the elements the pattern is repeated.

The next stage involves a ritual that is needed to erase the programme from your subliminal mind.  You need to place an element of your body on the paper, some hair, spit, or a fingernail paring for example and fold it in the paper.  Then you need to burn them and scatter the ashes to the wind.

Notice how you feel after this process.

Opening the chakras

Shamanic senses are our normal senses working properly and for this life force/chi/prana needs to be moving in and out, through the body via the chakras.  You’ll need a pendulum for this process and a partner if possible.  I’ve described the process in the audio clip below.

Location of the main chakras:


Instructions for opening the chakras with a pendulum:




People often ask whether fasting is necessary before a telestic session.  It’s not necessary, but it will heighten sensitivity, just as eating a heavy meal beforehand will make it harder to tune into the plant guides and your energy will be taken up with digestion.  I usually eat just fruit the ay of the session.

It is important to make sure you are properly hydrated before the session, as you will not want to drink during it.


Marijuana inhibits your ability to perceive the Organic Light, so should not be used during a session and for at least 48 hours before.





Gardening with Woodchips

A couple of years ago we watched a documentary called Back to Eden.  It is an excellent permaculture documentary, that pioneers the use of woodchips in the garden.  If you can get over the Christian, Bible quoting dsitractions, the natural farming methods of Paul Gautschi are truly Goethean, based as they are on observation and contemplation of nature.

Our land is clay, and most people around here are dairy farmers. They grow potatoes, pumpkins, cabbage and corn and not much else.  The permculture sites always reference talking to your neighbours as a good source of information, but that’s only useful if you want to do as they do.  We do not want to plough up our land and cover it in cow shit.  Cow shit is full of seeds and you have to leave it for years before you can use it and ploughing destroys the mycelium network, through which the plants communicate. The Gautschi approach immediately appealed because this area is naturally temperate woodland – blink and an oak tree grows.  So do, brambles and weeds on any bare patch of land – the Planetary Animal Mother does not like to parade around naked!

We started the vegetable garden in January 2014, by cutting down about an acre of straggly pines that had been planted too close together on a gentle south facing slope.  (See: First Six years in the Garden.) It took most of 2014 to clear the area and lay out some chestnut beams that came from the old house.  We covered the whole area with straw for the winter of 2014/15 as we didn’t have enough chips the and we needed to keep some of the weeds away. We have made raised beds that form terraces down the slope.  We put in swales and planted trees for the canopy layer in 2015.  The earth got terribly compressed by the wood cutter’s truck and the tractor for clearing the branches away.  We left most of the stumps in place as they will gradually break down and they keep some of the moisture in the ground.  As the land is south facing and there are no longer any trees there, it’s really muddy in winter and rock hard in the summer.

The biggest challenge was getting enough woodchips.  We bought a Titan chipper from the UK, which works well, but we still have to drag in the wood to chip. (It does not work well on soft wet weeds or vines.) We have oak woods all around, but these are wild woods, full of brambles and it takes a couple of days to get enough wood to chip for a day.  Most of the permaculture sites that talk about woodchips are based in the US, where there seem to be an endless supply of tree surgeons wanting to offload their chips on anyone who wants them. Not so here.  Finally, after having bought thousands of euros worth of chestnut beams from the local wood mill for our house, Alberto happily agreed to let us have as many woodchips as we want for free.  Although Dean still has to drive over there, load up the truck and bring them back here.  It’s still more efficient than chipping our own. (UPDATE: the chestnut hardwood chips didn’t work that well over time.  they took too long to break down and dried out the soil in hot summers.  Our own oak and pine worked better.)

Straw v woodchips? Straw makes a good layer to suppress weeds and to keep in the moisture, but it’s not good for growing in.  I don’t have a greenhouse at the moment, so everything has to be grown in place from seed and the straw makes an impermeable mat that is too tough for the seedlings to get through.  (UPDATE: salvage greenhouse.) moved the straw away on some of the beds as they grew, but it’s more work than woodchips and not as successful.  With the woodchips I just move the woodchips aside to expose the bare earth, sow the seeds and push the wood chips back and the seedlings germinate and grow.  I keep straw for the paths.

So, we are still building our wood chip beds and have many. many weeds.  I leave most of the weeds, many of which are wild herbs and medicinal plants, as well as food for pollinaters and predators that would otherwise eat all my plants.  We haven’t used any fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides and everything that survived the drought of 2015 grew just fine. The thistles, gorse and brambles are the only weeding that we do – sometimes plantain, which is plentiful around here.  My aim is to keep the garden work to a couple of hours a day; of course it doesn’t work out that way because of the weather and the fact that we are still setting things up.  Still, in the first year we’ve had: carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, peas, chard, peppers, onions, radishes, beetroot, beans, broad beans, courgettes, squash and we would have had sweetcorn, but the wild boar got it all!

Unplug from the Grid

Unplug from the grid and plug into the Planetary Animal Mother

We were not designed to live in an ocean of man-made radio frequencies. Mobile phone base stations, power lines, wifi, smart meters and dirty electricity are stealth weapons. Scientists, health practitioners and pressure groups all over the world are confirming that wireless technology and electricity are at the root of most modern diseases. It is not inevitable that you will die from cancer or some other horrible disease, but this will most likely be the fate of anyone who spends most of their life plugged into the grid, or the matrix if you prefer.

Dr Samuel Milham, Medical epidemiologist in occupational epidemiology.
First scientist to report increased leukemia and other cancers in electrical workers and to demonstrate that the childhood age peak in leukemia emerged in conjunction with the spread of residential electrification.

“Very recently, new research is suggesting that nearly all the human plagues which emerged in the twentieth century, like common acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children, female breast cancer, malignant melanoma and asthma, can be tied to some facet of our use of electricity.  There is an urgent need for governments and individuals to take steps to minimize community and personal EMF exposures.”

In this video Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, a medical doctor specialising in chronic disease, explains the causative links between radio frequency devices (including smart meters) and ALL chronic disease. He also gives some advice on how to reduce exposure.

The clip below, from the excellent documentary Take Back Your Power, uses live blood cell analysis to show how proximity to a smart meter affects the blood cells.

The Oscillatorium is an excellent resource for the study of unnatural oscillations non-ionizing electromagnetic fields and their effects on living tissues and biodiverse systems. This site provides interactive maps that show the specific pathways in the nervous system that are affected by different EMFs.

According to Dr Kruse, neurosurgeon:

“Humans have altered their electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of their environment. It is estimated that in 2012, the radio waves that surround our planet today is one billion times the amount that naturally reaches us from our sun! “

The electricity and radio frequencies to which we are now exposed are alien and archontic. Even though the archons are no longer able to reach us directly, we still have to deal with their technology and their agents. How we deal with man-made EMFs shapes the future of humanity, because it affects how our brains develop and how genes are expressed epigenetically.

The Co-created Brain

Human babies are born with large and yet still undeveloped brains, in comparison to other animals and in proportion to their own bodies. This is called neoteny and it means that human babies are helpless for longer than other animals – consider the wild boar piglet who is able to run for its life as soon as it pops out. Due to neoteny, human babies have an extended period of childhood/learning and throughout this time their brains are physically co-created by their environment.

Studies in bioacoustics, neurobiology show how the environment shapes brain and emotional development in children. In this presentation, Prof. Nina Kraus professor of neurobiology at Northwestern University, explains how an impoverished brain ‘hears’ and how this can be improved by learning to play a musical instrument.

Kraus says,  “Aside from songbirds, humans are the only creatures that automatically feel the beat of a song. Music entrains our bodies – physically by activating the muscle-control centers of our brains that get us moving to the rhythm, and emotionally by guiding our moods into synchronicity with its own tone.”

Today, more than 50% of the babies in the world are born into cities. Man-made stimuli, traffic, electrical appliances, TV, electronic music, sirens, shopping malls, concrete slabs and me-pads shape their brains, maybe playgrounds or parks, if they are lucky. Add the additional disruption of dirty electricity and radio frequencies with their micro-pulses into the mix and a new generation has been created that is totally entrained to the archontic grid and with no ability to respond to nature and limited emotional development.

Anyone born before the internet age has a differently formatted brain and not only a different experience to anyone born into the internet age, but also a different capacity for experience. A brain attuned to unnatural sounds, a constant electric hum and the pretending/acting of TV, the media and most other humans, has an extremely limited experience of authenticity. An authentic human voice has the same quality as birdsong, or whistle of wind in the trees, but if your brain and ears have not been attuned to natural sounds they will sound strange, even frightening, to you. Nature is alien to these generations and many of them will not want to unplug. If you can comprehend this and are ready, willing and able to take action, then you must lead by example, which also means that you must take care of yourself first.

The good news is that our brains remain plastic throughout our lives, so we can always reshape them to enable a different experience with new stimuli. Dr. Michael Merzenich, professor emeritus at the University of California, on brain plasticity.

Plug and Play

Unplugging Matrix

Popular culture would have us believe that unplugging is challenging, life threatening, like this scene from the matrix.  That’s Hollywood for you!  In reality, it is like this:

Sitting in nature

The body-mind is hardwired to entrain to a wide spectrum natural frequencies for growth and development, as a practitioner of Planetary Tantra, I do this consciously and with great pleasure. A seed grows when planted in fertile soil and when the temperature, light, moisture and sounds tell it that it is time to germinate.  75% of human DNA is the same as a pumpkin – take a moment to think about that.  if natural frequencies aren’t available, you will entrain to the next best thing, your fridge, your TV or your me-pad for many people.  What if the hardest thing you had to do was to switch off the electricity and tear yourself away from your electronic devices?  Could imagine living that way?

If you can’t leave the city, then take as many breaks as you can to re-attune to nature and get your mind-body back into shape. Do instinctual things that make you feel good: dance, sing, make love, play a sport, as feeling good physically and emotionally is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. And start learning something new, that involves mental and physical activity, to keep your brain healthily stimulated eg learn to play a musical instrument, a type of dancing, a sport, yoga or gardening.

 I recently received this message from a friend who lives in Chicago and is fighting against smart meter installation on the building where she lives:

“I just returned from a trip to Spain where I spent 15 days in the pristine mountains of Andalusia. A landscape free of wifi towers dirty electricity and smart meters. For 15 days I experienced boundless energy, clear thinking, concentration, deep restful uninterrupted sleep, waking up refreshed and energized every day.  I can assure you nothing is more important to me then the feeling of wholeness in my body.”

This corresponds to my experience of moving out of the city to Galicia.  I have U been healthier and once here, when we found out that smart meters had become mandatory in Spain, it was a no-brainer to make the decision to go off-grid.  We don’t know what that entails yet and have a lot to learn, but idea of unplugging from the grid and discovering how to live freely is exciting.  Human animals are born with the faculty of imagination and the spirit of adventure.  But you will never discover what it means to play like the gods if you remain plugged into the grid.

Unplugging from the grid and plugging into the Planetary Animal Mother mainlines the boost of the earth, so I can see the defeat of the JWO on the horizon.

Do what you imagine.

UPDATE 2019:  I wrote this post in January 2016, not even three years later and now there is 5G to contend with.  If ever there was a moment to unplug as mush as you can as soon as you can, this is it.