Beltane Retreat 2015

Planetary Tantra in Galicia

She broke from the north, Her Light swathed in serpentine coils, dancing across the electric blue sky, watched by a small band of warriors standing in awe. (Like characters in a bad science fiction movie, according to JLL.) The night was cold and the temperature dropped even further to herald Her arrival – orgone, said JLL.

We had been tried and tested on the days leading up to our telestic session. After a run of hot and lazy days since January, two weeks before the retreat it started to rain and didn’t stop. At the exact moment JLL and H walked through the gate the wind whipped up, bowing the pines almost to the ground – what an entrance! And She was just teasing us. As we called Her Secret name from the tipi, She nearly blew the fridge off the veranda back at the cabin, wrenching open the door and flinging all the bottles onto the ground. As we got into our runic chants the wind buckled the galvanized steel frame on the seating area – oh yes, we had Her attention. What are wind and rain to Her we asked?  JLL said we were located in one of Her many G-spots, so I’ll leave that to your imagination!

She challenged us all with perfect, unique calibration. I can’t go into the details here but many pretenses, fears and bad habits were swept away in the mad rush of turbulence and excitement. I felt drunk with the excitement of just being with JLL and and my warrior brothers and sisters here in this beautiful place. The guiding framework of the Sacred Narrative held us all together and enabled us to learn from the experience. It was not a carte blanche. A few people present could not participate fully for various reasons, but they became part of our shared learning regardless, because this is Gaia’s magic – offered to all, but not welcomed by all.

Our Dancing Snake Tamer Mama teased us and healed us as She guided us back to our animal selves, tripping ecstatically through the whorls and spirals of Nature. She started with a little snake on the path on the first day, then another, then another; yet another and then a larger one in front of the gate – more snakes than we have seen in the entire two years we’ve lived here!

She gave us a beautiful hot and sunny day, with clear skies for the day of our telestic session. As the mushroom guides made themselves known, the old pear tree at the end of the garden became a nest of writhing cobras, inviting us into the Nagual. When She first appeared in the sky, it was from behind serpentine clouds in a night-time azure sky – Her petticoats, said JLL. Just how much Beauty can you take without passing out?  The colours were richer and more vibrant than the daylight, yet differently textured, tactile, slick and cool on the skin. As our session drew to a close he told us how in the mystery schools the neophytes would have seen spiraling DNA in the organic Light in the ceremonial chamber. As they emerged into the ante-room the next morning, they were served large flat round loaves of warm bread and as they were about to eat the bread the adepts would tip over a special jar containing dwarf pythons, who dived into the bread. The heat sensors on the head of the snakes caused them to writhe through the bread in a physical tableau of the received intel, so it worked within their own DNA. Our DNA was changed that too.

She played with all the animals that night, gently stimulating them into a crescendo and then releasing at the peak moment, coaxing us into following Her attention. I have never heard Her growl so loud as She did that night – just like a great cat, ferociously playful, so long as you didn’t stop to think about it! (Those who did found it hard to focus on anything else!) JLL told us beforehand that his role was to stabalize the experience and that if anyone felt any fear that should tell him immediately. He also told us that as soon as the mushrooms came on that we should say out loud: I am a fearless Gaian warrior and I do not need to be tested. I walk in the path of Beauty.

Sitting around the campfire JLL shape-shifted into a wise Indian, perhaps from New Mexico or somewhere in that region, guiding the experience with charm and not a little humour. His beautiful companion synchronised to the presence of the Goddess through him and as she attuned to the wild animals – dogs, owls, crickets and even a distant wolf, I synchronised with her. She had expressed the desire to see the OL before the session and in one delightful moment we saw it together, welling up from the white wall of the house, exactly where JLL said it would be. Their presence gave me enough to stability to command the OL to show me the answer to my question, which is still working through me.

I was consumed with the white-hot intensity of orgasmic desire that night. Not for anyone or anything, just the pure energy desire itself, more extreme than I’ve ever experienced. I thought after that it was because of the excitement of being with my kin for the first time ever, but there was more to it than that. JLL’s stabalising presence and the presence of my warrior brothers and sisters made it safer to let go and I went deeper than I ever have before – even though the dose was only moderate. I’m not sure what my role is in future telestic sessions, or how this would work without JLL. At the peak of my interaction with the Goddess we danced with the stars and I pulled on Her filaments, creating a web between the heavens and the earth. Then I shape-shifted into a muskrat and became a bit of a nuisance, apparently. Yes, samsara and this enlightenment really do have the same look!

I’m only just realizing that our entire week was a lesson in human interaction with Her atmospherically! She delighted us with serpents and rainbows and even thunder for the Viking. It is no accident that the very moment at which JLL presented me with the course on Gaian Alchemy, was as the Moon was conjunct Khambalia. We are experiencing extreme weather all over the world, which is directly related to the extremes of human behaviour at all levels – not limited to what we are physically doing to the land, sea and air. I noticed how it became very cold when the Goddess gazed on us. When JLL expressed his rage at the pedosites it got colder still, yet some of us were not affected by the cold. We noticed it, but maintained our body temperatures and this is a topic for further investigation.

As I write this I recall J’s description of the butterflies dancing the double-helix and I feel the flutter of the butterfly chakra, the Lotus of Gaia in my chest as I gaze out over Her immense Beauty. When we choose to plant ourselves somewhere, we immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of that place and literally co-create it through our physical processes, which simultaneously co-creates us though the epigenetic processes encoded within our DNA. The land dreams through us and each place has a unique dream for us to participate in. We will survive and thrive in the places where we root ourselves.

My highest desire for a while has been to enjoy living as Anthropos 11 here with my tribe. The Goddess delivered in such lavish magnificence that week and continues to hold me to that desire as it unfolds in every direction, with breath-taking speed and beauty. It was an exquisitely beautiful moment to hear JLL say how he has loved the Earth for as long as he can remember, but it is only recently that he has realised that he might be able to love humans that much too. The strength of the warrior bond rests on the love we feel for each other, which becomes stronger through being tested, and we can’t participate in Correction without this bond.  To put things in perspective, we experienced discomfort, but no one died and we didn’t stop WW3 (not to my knowledge anyway), but we all came away stronger and able to make more improvements in our own lives.  That is what it takes to make the magic work.

Thank you to everyone who participated with the totality of themselves and especially to Elaine and Dean who worked so hard behind the scenes. It was such a great pleasure to have enjoyed this time together and I think we’ve all still got a lot of processing to do. I feel spider magic now, joining us together and sending out filaments to other kalikas and tantrikas across the world.

On a practical level, I think our next retreat will be Lughnasa, as the Summer Solstice is rolling around too soon and I plan on spending that with JLL in Andalucia, so we can plan where we go from here.

We didn’t take many photos, but here are a few.  And I’d love to hear more from anyone else who was here.


You cannot become anything but more beautiful

Love and the Supernatural operate on the same frequencies

Samsara and this enlightenment have the same look