Thuja Occidentalis

Thuja Occidentalis, Arborvitae – release from self-sabotage

“The complicity [between victim and perpetrator] implies a kind of contact of sin, with both parties falling short of God’s command. Perpetrators who harm others are obviously sinners, but so are the people they harm, who may well believe they are being justly punished by a higher power. The wrong done to victims is due to the wrong they have done in the eyes of God. To make matters worse, the twisted syntax of the victim-perpetrator bond condones domination, violence, aggression, and murder as expressions of divine retribution. Those who enact the will of God in violent ways are as righteous as those who suffer violence, because the bond prescribes and legitimates both roles. A deal that sanctifies violence and guarantees the righteous vindication of its victims is hard to beat.”

John Lamb Lash, Not in His Image

Glorification of the ultimate act of self-sabotage is the centre piece of Christianity.  Every other creature on this planet uses whatever defense mechanisms it has instinctively, without hesitation. The insidious indoctrination into self-sabotage turns victim-hood into such a virtue that even the perpetrators pretend to be victims.  It takes force to break the victim-perpetrator bond and the victim cannot command this force while under the spell of self-sabotage.

The Spell of Self-Sabotage

The spell of self-sabotage has become an epigenetically normalised pattern of gene expression for most native Europeans.  Perhaps it has for other races too, but I can’t speak for them.  It is evident in the proliferation of harmful addictions, auto-immune conditions and patterns of learned helplessness.  For sure, self-sabotage is not the only problem, but it is a problem that is entirely within our gift to resolve, freeing us up to deal with the other problems we face.

In German, Gift means poison.  When the ‘gift’ comes from the Planetary Animal Mother, it can bring life or death, depending on amount and timing.  The English word ‘poison’ is Latin, but the Indo-European equivalent is ‘virus’.  In this sense, mild childhood viruses could be considered as the gift of the Aeonic Mother, strengthening and informing the physical sense of self, so that we can deal with predators we might encounter later in life.  At the most basic level the immune system is part of the mind-body system that interfaces with the external world.  Its key role is in binary self-identification, ‘me/not me’ so that it can initiate appropriate responses to invaders.  Vaccinating a newborn before it has developed a bond with its mother or any self-identity sets up a potentially life-long dependency on others for identity and validation.  These forlorn creatures are like the forest dwellers of Narnia, living in fear and locked into the perpetual winter of the soul under a spell they cannot break. They do not even know they are under a spell.

If you are reading this, you have sufficient wherewithal to break the spell, but you can’t do it without the gift; the poison of the Scorpion Mother.  I took the poison and broke the spell.

The Gift of Arborvitae

Thuja Occidentalis is also know as White Cedar and Arborvitae, the Tree of Life.  It has a long history of use in Native American medicine and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where it is known as Thuja Orientalis.  It is not considered to be a native of Europe, which seems odd. Some fossilzed remains from before the last ice age have been identified in Poland, perhaps the cold wiped them out.

I felt the call of the White Arborvitae last year and bought several small trees and planted them, so that they can become ‘native’, as home-grown medicine is always more effective.  I was delighted to discover that one of the oldest known Thujas in North America is The Witch Tree on the shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota, where my husband is from.  It is said to date from 1731 and embodies the determination and resilience of the Ojibwe people, who call it Little Spirit Cedar.

Little Spirit Cedar
Little Spirit Cedar

I have tried a Thuja homeopathic remedy before with Riley, for her vaccine induced allergies.  I didn’t notice any results at the time.  Since then I’ve realized that not all homeopathic remedies are authentic.  I also think that in many cases we have strayed so far from our natural environments and are so poisoned, that subtle changes in the mind-body system are not sufficient to bring about sustainable changes by themselves. Nonetheless, something about Thuja stuck in my mind and after Riley died and Freya came into our lives, I decided to give it another go.


We adopted Freya, via SOS Dobermann España.  She was found abandoned in Murcia and. although relatively healthy, she was malnourished, hunch-backed and we had been unable to prevent her from being vaccinated for everything possible, including rabies, before we got her. She is very sweet and loving, but would get over-excited and manic too easily and had terrible separation anxiety.  Over the past few years, I’ve noticed the same tendencies in people’s children who have been vaccinated.  It seems as though the ability to handle strong emotions has been impaired and that this induces fear.

A month or so ago I made a tincture with leaves from the Thujas and local orujo.


The tincture turned emerald green and had a delicious fresh=sweet perfume, a little like vanilla-infused eucalyptus.


As the leaves transformed into tincture I thought about vaccinations and realised that Dean and I needed this medicine too.  We had both been vaccinated in childhood and although we had had nowhere near the number of vaccines as given to children today, our innate healing abilities were still damaged by this assault.  The more I’ve looked into the history of medicine, Rockefeller medicine that is, and the profit-not-people pharmaceutical industry, the more appalled and disgusted I become and all the more determined to stay away at any cost.  The detailed, factual account of the history of vaccines is far from the Disney-esque version preferred by the medical profession and the list of vaccine ingredients reads like something out of a horror movie.

The vaccine issue sign-posted the way to Arborvitae, but the underlying issue of self-sabotage is far deeper.  i have worked to resolve many of my self-sabotage tendencies, but the unconscious programmes are very difficult to shift.  These would show up for me as accidents or sudden illnesses before events or activities that were important to me, or that feeling of hard-grinding gears when things I really want to happen aren’t working out.  This is not how PAM intends us to live and I’ve had plenty of experience of things working out with dream-like ease, but the correlation between intensity of desire and resistance was baffling.   I took a small amount of Arborvitae tincture twice a day for three days and it had me flat-out and spaced-out for the whole time.  This is the active ingredient, thujone, at work.  By the end of the three days I was aware of the depth of the self-sabotage spell, how vaccines intensify that spell and that the spell is broken simply be seeing it and making a different choice than I would have done when under the spell.  I am now able to feel more light-hearted about problems solving, especially about the things that are important to me and it feels as though I’m functioning at a more optimised level. I am also noticing how I am reading my own DNA and what this means in terms of Gaian Alchemy, on which I’ll write more another time.

Freya also had the tincture for three days, about half the amount I took and she just slept a bit more than usual.  By the end of the three days she was much less manic, much calmer and the extremes of her emotional responses have evened out.  When she plays with the other dogs it’s not escalating like it was before and she is listening better.  She seems happier and more relaxed – and even sweeter than ever, which hardly seems possible. Note that a dog, like all non-human animals, cannot commit self-sabotage, because they cannot deny their instincts.  Arborvitae works on the physical body and it is the effect on the physical body that generates the psychological change in humans, the release from self-sabotage.  This psychological effect is redundant in other animals and fundamental in us.

Dean took the tincture too.  He was very tired for one day, but did not report any other sensations or insights..  However, he immediately broke out in a cold sore, which showed an interaction with the herpes simplex virus.  More on this in another post.

Thujone – the Poison

Thujone, the active ingredient in Thuja/Arborvitae, is also found in wormwood, coriander, tarragon and many other herbs and spices.  Thujone gives absinthe its mind-altering properties.  It is toxic if taken in large quantities and should not be taken in any form for long periods.

Many studies provide evidence of its beneficial effects:

A review of its pharmacological and clinical properties.

Thuja and HPV

Thuja: A good remedy for warts and tumours

The pharmacological/allopathic approach focuses on thuja’s effectiveness in alleviating symptoms, not the underlying causes.  The homeopathic approach takes underlying causes into consideration, but is less widely researched.  No one seems to be looking at the function of viruses within the broader context, how some can be beneficial and others have mutated into harmful forms.  Thuja, Arborvitae is one of the most powerful tinctures I’ve used and I think it has much more to teach.


Pine Pollen Boost

Pine pollen is nature’s perfect boost for good health and the immune system.

Pine pollen is’the sperm’ of the pine tree and almost  the same structure as human testosterone. It is the most abundant source of testosterone in the plant kingdom.  Isn’t that interesting?  What reason could the Planetary Animal Mother have for making this source of human testosterone in vastly more quantities than is needed for the trees alone.  A single mature pine tree can produce 1-3kg of pine pollen in a season – we are surrounded by pine forest here!

At a certain time, in early April here, all the pine trees release their pollen in an explosion of green smoke across the hills.  They do it several times over a period of about 10 days.  This clip from the Himalayas shows what it looks like:

This presentation explains the benefits of pine pollen, how to get it and use it, very clearly.

Pine pollen is a superfood and an adaptogen, which essentially means it helps the body adapt to stress.  Stress is created by adrenaline and cortisol which are produced primarily by the adrenal glands.  Cortisol shuts down many functions, like the immune system, the digestive system, the reproductive system and the prefrontal cortex, so that adrenaline can use more energy to pump blood to the arms and legs so you can run or fight.  This is the ‘fight/flight’ response.  The problem is that we don’t run or fight and the adrenaline and cortisol remain in the body and eventually become involved in the downward spiral of autoimmune diseases, diabetes, thyroid conditions etc. Pine pollen helps reduce unnecessary fight/flight responses, so that the body has more energy for regeneration and learning.

Pine Pollen in Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the use of pine pollen as both a food and a medicine has been recorded for at least 2,400 years, as explained in the clip below.

TCM today can provide a useful insight into the proper use of many plants for food/medicine.  TCM is rooted in a philosophical mix of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism and is concerned with maintaining balance (homeostais) within the body-mind system and harmony between the body and the environment.  So far as can be known from the little recorded artifacts that have survived, the Chinese practiced shamanic medicine from around 1766 to 403 BC, through the Shang and Chou Dynasties.  Ancestor worship and the elimination of evil spirits is still part of TCM today. TCM emerged from an agrarian culture and the originator of Chinese herbal medicine is called, Shennong, the Divine Farmer.  One theory of the origins of acupuncture is that it was discovered when warriors in battle were hit by arrows and noticed conduction of pain to other areas of the body and spontaneous remission of pain elsewhere.

Most TCM in the west is practised allopathically, in that the interventions and treatments are used to address specific symptoms or to stop the process of a particular disease or condition.  TCM was originally preventive medicine, concerned with ‘treating the undiseased’ until the Opium Wars put an end to that. The ancient Chinese knew that the body-mind system is innately self-healing, provided that natural balance is maintained and ‘evil spirits’ are kept at bay.  This is how things were in Europe too, before the healers were murdered and the people forced off the land and into factories and eventually subjected to ‘Rockefeller medicine.’  The road to health will inevitably lead people  out of the cities and into small rural communities, exactly what  Agenda 21 is trying to prevent.

I don’t think all aspects of TCM work as well on Europeans as they do on the Chinese.  Ethnicity is a factor in many diseases; consider the increased  risk of several types of cancer of people of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry who have a mutation in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene.  The progression of disease is affected by lifestyle and environment, as much as intentionally harmful man-made interventions, such as EMFs, chemtrails and GMOs, and of course pharmaceuticals, but Nature has the solutions too.  This brings me back to pine pollen.  Pine trees are indigenous to the northern hemisphere and a rich source of local food and medicine for all northern hemisphere people.  PAM always provides what is needed, where it is needed. China is in the northern hemisphere too, so it is well-worth taking a closer look at the use of pine pollen through the lens of TCM.

Pine pollen is  released as Spring turns to Summer in the Gaian calendar.  Without going into too much detail, this is the transition from liver/gall bladder to stomach/spleen in TCM, characterized by wood birthing fire. Pine pollen supports the liver, encourages regeneration and supports bile secretion. The spleen is responsible for the removal of old red blood cells and the production and storage of white blood cells (lymphocytes) which will cleanse bacteria from the blood in the spleen and provide important tissue healing and other immune responses throughout our body. In TCM the spleen is paired with the stomach and considered to be part of the digestive system, responsible for digesting the nourishment from food and converting it into energy. It is also considered to be responsible for digesting information. In other words, the spleen becomes active as we move into May and is highly involved in the maintenance of the immune system.

Pine Pollen and the Immune System

The basic function of the immune system, is the differentiation between ‘me’ and ‘not me’ in the body, so that it can detect and take action against invaders, like bacteria and viruses etc.  There are two parts to the immune system: the innate, which we are born with and which works instantly to deal with wounds and immediate assaults and the adaptive, which is the learning part of the immune system. The adaptive immune system learns to deal with ‘new’ parasites, bacteria and parasites that we might become exposed to. Vaccination is an abnormal pathogen presented in an abnormal route (injection) and influences the entire immune system in an unnatural way, leading to disruption of the learning processes of the immune system.

I strongly suspect that PAM provides pine pollen in abundance at this time of year when the spleen is just about to move into its most active phase, to help it ‘learn’ what is needed to help repel invaders of all kinds.  There has been very little research on pine pollen, probably for this very reason, as all research is controlled by the parasitical pharmaceutical cartel that doesn’t want us to have a healthy immune system, but there have been some studies and it is confirmed that pine pollen contains phenylalanine and tyrosine (among other things) that are amino acids in L-Dopa, the dopamine precursor.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter involved in pleasure seeking and reward behaviours, but it does not cross the blood-brain barrier.  L-dopa crosses the blood-brain barrier although most of it is converted into dopamine via an enzyme in the blood before it gets there and L-dopa concentrates in the spleen.  The relationship between L-dopa in the ‘information centre’ of the immune system in the spleen and L-dopa in the brain working together to train the immune system is worth further investigation. This study supports my intuition:

New model explains role of dopamine in immune regulation

“Elements of dopamine signaling and metabolites can also serve as a communication interface between the central nervous system and immune system, and that communication can work in both directions. Lymphocytes [type of white blood cell in the immune system] that can pass the blood brain barrier can be “educated” by locally secreted neurotransmitters, including dopamine. Then they transmit brain-driven messages to other cells of the immune system via direct or indirect pathways.”


Endothelial cells in brain capillaries are the site of the BBB

Source: Blood Brain Barrier and Cerebral Metabolism



This presentation explains the effects of pine pollen on dopamine production:

Perhaps future studies will show that pine pollen has a role to play in reversing vaccine and other damage to the immune system, but there is nothing to lose and plenty to gain by finding and harvesting some in your local pine forest.

Pine Pollen and Testosterone

As a superfood in a class of its own, pine pollen not only helps in sharpening up the ability of the immune system to identify enemies, it also helps deal with them.

Estrogen is the female hormone and testosterone the male hormone, supporting the development of properly defined male and female characteristics,. Men have some naturally occurring estrogen and women naturally occurring testosterone and it is the balance between the two that dictate gender norms for each. Xenoestrogens are environmental pollutants that have estrogen-like activity. These compounds are a primary cause of reproductive health problems in both women and men because they attach to and over-stimulate estrogen receptor sites.

Here’s a list of 10 major sources of xenoestrogens:

1. Commercially-raised meat and diary productssuch as beef, pork, chicken, milk, butter, cheese and ice cream. These products are contaminated with bovine growth hormones and expose us to a significant amount of xenoestrogens.

2. Anything that contains insecticide or pesticide residues can also have estrogenic effects. This includes everything we eat, from grains, fruits, nuts and legumes, to veggies.

3. Tap water. Unfortunately much of our water source is contaminated with petroleum derivatives – the primary source of xenoestrogens.

4. Shampoos, lotions, soaps, toothpastes, cosmetics and other personal care products that contain paraben or phenoxyethanol chemical compounds widely used by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as preservatives.

Note that xenoestrogens entering the skin go directly to tissue without passing through the liver for detoxification. So they’re 100% absorbed by the body and can be 10 times more potent than those consumed orally.

5. Soft plastics used as packaging materials are often treated with chemical compounds called phthalates, a xenoestrogen, to increase its flexibility.

Plastic wrapped foods, heated in the microwave, contain some of the highest xenoestrogen levels. So do not heat food or water with plastic in the microwave. Avoid drinking coffee or other hot liquids in Styrofoam cups. And store your food in glass containers whenever possible!

6. Artificial food additives, including artificial sweeteners and MSG. According to a study published in the journal, Chemical Research in Toxicology, 31 substances added to food for the purpose of preservation, coloring, texture and flavor have potential estrogenic effects.

Propyl gallate and 4-hexylresorcinol are two additives to be especially watchful for. Also avoid canned foods, which are usually lined with a plastic coating that contains bisphenol-A (BPA), a xenoestrogen.

Since most processed foods contain some kind of undesirable material, either in the packaging itself or the ingredients, it’s a good policy to cut back on processed and packaged foods.

7. Foods that contain soy protein and soy protein isolate. These foods are packed with condensed, unnaturally high amounts of plant estrogen, which can also lead to estrogen dominance.

8. Dryer sheets are loaded with xenoestrogens to make your clothes feel soft and fresh. These residual xenoestrogens can permeate your skin and go directly into your cells.

9. Birth control pills and conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) contain synthetic hormones that can interrupt our natural hormone balance.

10. Disposable menstrual products. In conventional tampons, the FDA has detected dioxins, a class of chemical contaminants that may increase the risk of cancer, reproductive and developmental problems, heart disease and diabetes.


Xenoestrogens cause changes in estrogen-sensitive tissues like the breasts, uterus and prostate. Xenoestrogens stimulate abnormal changes in these tissues, causing problems like cysts in the breasts, uterine fibroids, prostate enlargement and cancer. Xenoestrogens contribute to the death of testicular tissue in men and boys, depression caused by testosterone suppression, premature aging, infertility and obesity. The link between xenoestrogens and obesity can readily be seen by the high rates of obesity in areas where there is high exposure to xenoestrogens.

Because it is packed with natural testosterone, pine pollen provides the perfect testosterone boost to balance xenoestrogen damage, in addition to whatever avoidance and detoxification you can manage.

One gram of pine pollen contains 80 nanograms of testosterone.  To put that into context, an average man has somewhere around 500 ngs of testosterone per deciliter of blood, out of which around 5-20 ngs is free testosterone not bound to either SHBG or albumin. (The testosterone in pollen is not bound to proteins either).

Given that an average male also has around 5 liters of blood, that same average guy with average testosterone would have around 250-1,000 ngs of unbound testosterone in him.

100 grams, about half a cup, of the pine pollen would contain 8,000 ngs of actual testosterone.

Testosterone is not just for men. In women it is important for bone strength and development of lean muscle mass and strength. Testosterone also contributes to overall sense of well-being and energy level. It is best known for its crucial role is a woman’s sex drive or libido. More specifically, testosterone in women is responsible for the sensitivity of a woman’s nipples and clitoris associated with sexual pleasure. Testosterone not only enhances the sexual mood of a woman, but the experience as well.

According to Stephen Harrod Buhner: “The menopausal years bring on a serious decline in women’s testosterone levels, which is generally why women tend to lack a sex drive. Pine pollen can serve as an aid to decrease the discomfort that menopause can bring,”

Pine pollen is not just a whole food, but also a superfood and one of the most potent at that. Consider how it’s immune boosting function works with its testosterone boosting function, not only to increase our awareness of the invaders in our midst, but also to give us the motivation and strength to deal with them.  Pine pollen is warrior food!

Testosterone has ‘profound effect on brain circuits involved in human aggression’

How to Use Pine Pollen

As a food, pine pollen can be consumed in more or less unlimited amounts by both men and women.  There is a natural limit to what you can get and what you can eat and there are no contra-indications.

I’m a big fan or getting out and responsibly harvesting all the wild foods and healing plants you can find.  The easiest way to harvest the pine pollen is to carefully cut off the catkins you can reach and put them in plastic bags to be shaken out and sieved at home.  You can’t over harvest this way as you won’t be able to reach that many and the trees produce so much.  You can eat the pine pollen directly, it has a slightly sweet flowery taste, or bake with it, or sprinkle it on salads or breakfast cereals. It will store in a cool dry place, or you can store it in honey.  The pine catkins themselves are edible, but they are a little astringent tasting – maybe better  in honey?

Pine pollen tincture is a better way of accessing the testosterone in pine pollen, much of which doesn’t make its way through the digestive system. A few drops of tincture under the tongue, so that it is absorbed by the mucous membranes in the mouth is the way to take it.  The tincture should not be used by adolescent boys or young men, but is safe for men and women.  Strength varies, so it’s a bit of a ‘suck it and see’ scenario.  I’ll be stocking up and making ours with local orujo.


My main reason for writing this blog is that I can imagine what the world would be like if more of us were free to follow our instincts and desires. I live that way myself, to the best of my ability, and I want to engage with more people who are ready, willing and able to do the same.  The issues I write about are things that come up in my life, what I think about them, what action I’m taking and what I’m learning in the process. The pleasure of writing and sharing is enough in itself, but I also like to think that I might be throwing gas on the fire that cremates a few sacred cows into extinction, here and there. This is one of those endangered creatures.

Oil is not a fossil fuel

Oil is not a fossil fuel made from the bodies of ancient dinosaurs and petrified forests. It is a mineral and it is replenished from within the earth. Scientists working for the Rockefellers invented the term ‘fossil fuel’ in1892.  The ‘oil is a fossil fuel’ scam is running out on empty.

This is how it started: Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty: The Origin of Fossil Fuel & Peak Oil

The Russians have known this for decades because the former Soviet Union tasked its top scientists to identify the source of oil, during the isolationist years of the Cold War.  In 1956, Russian scientist Professor Vladimir Porfir’yev announced that “crude oil and natural petroleum gas have no intrinsic connection with biological matter originating near the surface of the earth. They are primordial [originating with the earth’s formation] materials which have been erupted from great depths.”

He said oil doesn’t come from anything biologic, not, as conventional wisdom dictates, from the fossilized remains of dinosaurs and/or ancient plant matter. It comes from very deep in the earth and is created by a biochemical reaction that subjected hydrocarbons (elements having carbon and hydrogen) to extreme heat and intense pressure during the earth’s formation.

Russians referred to this oil (any oil, really) as “abiotic oil” because it is not created from the decomposition of biological life forms, but rather from the chemical process continually occurring inside the earth.

Shortly after the Russians discovered this, they started drilling ultra-deep wells and finding oil at 30,000 and 40,000 feet below the earth’s surface. This is far below the depth at which organic matter can be found, which is 16-18,000 feet.

According to Fletcher Prouty, geology books stated that oil was a fossil fuel and this is what was taught to geologists, so they believed it to be true. Another example of how these parasites lied to gain control of the world’s energy system. Up until recently, a Google search would always produce results that told you exactly how oil, a ‘fossil fuel’ was made from dead dinosaurs and a scarce commodity. The fact that oil was being drilled at significantly lower levels than detritus from any living thing could possibly be found was conveniently ignored. Now, there are two kinds of oil apparently; biotic (from dead matter) and abiotic from naturally occurring geological processes.  The narrative is now out of control.

In 2014, NASA conformed that hydrocarbons aka fossil fuels were, in fact, plentiful in the solar system.  Russians & NASA Discredit ‘Fossil Fuel’ Theory: Demise of Junk CO2 Science  So much for scarcity!

Once it was no longer possible to hide the fact that oil is abiotic and therefore not a finite resource the scarcity pricing model and peak oil scam, that kept oil prices artificially high, became harder to maintain. Enter man-made global warming, zero carbon emissions and Agenda 21. These despicable creatures, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and friends have manipulated the global energy and financial markets for the past century, cheating their way into creating and controlling the energy and finance industries. There is no ‘natural’ pricing on any globally traded commodity and oil is the most widely traded global commodity. They were instrumental in moving the US off the gold standard and into the petrodollar in 1971 and might well have stolen the gold that used to be in Fort Knox.

Brother Nathanael explains the petrodollar scam, that is now breaking down, very succinctly.

As I’m writing this is late January, the price of oil is still falling, but the dollar is being propped up by Jacob Jew-Lew and the Deep State Exchange Stabalization Fund. More on this here:

America’s Most Closely Guarded Secret: The Covert Fund That Controls It All — Rob Kirby


The world is currently awash with oil and it’s not going to run out. What we’re seeing now is the next stage in the game, in which the Jooman Parasites intend to bankrupt the competition and claim the assets in lieu of debt. Saudi Arabia is looking like a ‘jew-sy prospect’ in that regard.  No doubt the global economy is about to be re-arranged, but the enemy is not in control of the situation.

In a world that wasn’t ravaged by the toxic marriage of debt and war, a low price on a commodity as essential as oil would be a good thing, but in the upside-down world of today this is not the case. Oil producing countries need to sell their oil at a high rate in order to finance their Rothschilds Central Bank created debt. In order to prevent countries from getting out of debt by producing other goods to sell the Jooman Parasites have engineered climate change/global warming. The Climate Change Conspiracy, a Rockefeller initiative, demands phasing out fossil fuels – when there is no such thing as fossil fuels – to save the planet. Do not be fooled by the ‘save the earth’ clamour of the communist-liberal environmentalists. In just a few hours you will find that the scientific data are a shambles, corrupted and misrepresented at almost every level and for so long as geo-engineering is not considered to be part of man-made climate change, you know you are looking at another scam. If you have any doubts at all, just look at who is behind all these problems, climate change/global warming, energy/oil and finance and ask yourself what they could have done with all their fabulous wealth if they were really acting for the good of life on this planet..

From the Gaian perspective, the oil industry is a dirty, greedy polluter and totally unnecessary for the well-being and prosperity of humanity. I think that Gaia-Sophia has had enough of a few infected parasites plundering the wealth of Her Body and using it to control, enslave and destroy the sovereign people of the Earth. Perhaps Her original intention was for oil to be a lubricant, which makes a lot of sense. However, She is not going to solve this problem for us. Those are not the terms of the experiment here and, ultimately, the future of humanity depends upon us recovering our sovereignty and discovering our genius. At the same time as trying to enforce a zero-emissions straitjacket on human ingenuity, these parasites have ruthlessly suppressed all alternative energy and clean technology devices for decades. I suspect that this is about to change, because it is only at crisis point that we will see the solutions.

The key survival tactic of a parasite is stealth, well, that game is up, isn’t it?


St John’s Wort

St John’s Wort, Hypericum perforatum, is another of my favourite healing plants.



It grows all over around here, more abundantly each year.  The healing plants are like that, the more they are appreciated, the more they grow.  St Johns Wort is said to be named after St John, because it begins flowering on St John’s day, the 24th June.  The bright yellow flowers look like the sun, star-shaped with stamens shooting out like tiny sun rays.

From Matthew Woods, The Earthwise Herbal

“It is best known as a first aid remedy for injuries to nerves—and is suited to injuries to parts rich in nerves (eye, fingertips, spine) where there are sharp, shooting pains, inflammation along nerves, acute sensitivity and pain, blood poisoning from injuries to fingers and toes (red stripes up the extremities), and clonic spasms and convulsions from inflamed nerves. Hypericum was considered a specific for tetanic convulsions in homeopathy

It is a fixture of Russian herbalism and medicine (which are not separate in that country). Russian indications are therefore extensive. It is considered to be a “liver remedy” and thus a “detoxifier.” We get some of these indications from Alma Hutchins and Fred Siciliano, OMD. The latter studied with Sydney Yudin, a Russian trained doctor of botanical medicine. Hypericum with Aloe powder (the purgative) is a deep detoxifier, according to Hutchins (1992, 258). Watch the urine: “Whole flakes of morbid matter are sometimes washed away with it.” St. John’s wort is particularly called for in cases where the innervations of the digestive tract, the autonomic, are weak and there is tension from a toxic liver—“liver overpowering the spleen” (Siciliano).

St. John’s wort and wood betony were the two most important remedies for psychiatric problems in the Middle Ages—what were then called the ill-effects of witchcraft and demons. Both plants strengthen the enteric brain, seat of the instincts, and it is in this manner that they “drive away evil influences”—the person gets stronger, so as not to fall under the domination of untoward people. Today, Hypericum is used for depression and anxiety. The exact mechanisms are uncertain, but it does not seem to be an MAO inhibitor.”

St John’s Wort for the nervous system

Many studies show that that the central nervous system is particularly affected by microwaves and ELF radiation, this map of EMF and the nervous system gives you a good overview of the issue and relevant studies. Many health practitioners who are not bought off by big pharma are now finding EMF pollution to be the root cause of all modern disease. It is impossible to escape EMF pollution and it has become a factor in our transmutation to Anthropos 11, whether we like it or not. Anyone who wants to remain healthy for as long as possible needs to reduce their EMF exposure in any way they can.  St John’s Wort has a special ability to support the nervous system and I find that a teaspoon of tincture through the winter months to be noticeably beneficial in maintaining calm alertness and mental clarity.

St John’s Wort is another healing plant that is associated with witchcraft.  I think that its proven ability to support the nervous system has a lot to do with its reputation for scaring away evil spirits and demons.  Anxiety make people susceptible to negative influence and the human imagination is good at creating demons.


St John’s Wort tincture

The tincture couldn’t be easier to make.  Just gather the flowers and buds, not any that have turned brown, put them in a jar and fill it with 100 proof alcohol.  I use the local moonshine, orujo, which my neighbour makes.  It turns bright red almost immediately and I leave it in the sun for a few weeks and then filter out the flowers and throw them out on the ground.  It seems that the seeds are very robust and often grow the following year.


I take a teaspoon of St Johns Wort tincture a day throughout the winter.  I use it at other times if I’m feeling particularly tense, upset or overwhelmed, or if I’m spending too much time at the computer. I like it because it doesn’t numb the feeling, it just enables the nervous system to cope with the extra strain more effectively.  It is a good pain reliever for pain associated with nerves, like sciatica and inflammation.  I have used the tincture and the salve in combination for these conditions.

It’s also good for dogs.  I’ve given it to the girls after they’ve been spayed, it is recommended post-surgery as it helps with tissue and nerve healing.  It’s also good for anxiety caused by fireworks and hunters.

St John’s Wort salve

Some of the flowers go into olive oil and some coconut oil, to be left in the sun for a couple of weeks.  The flowers in the olive oil go bright red and those in the coconut oil a pinky-red.


I add beeswax to the St John’s Wort in olive oil to make a salve that will travel and can be kept for a while.  The St John’s Wort in coconut oil is excellent for burns, taking the pain out immediately and preventing blistering.  Although most oils should not be used on a fresh burn, coconut oil is the exception as it has a cooling effect.  It is also anti-microbial.  Both salves can be used topically for nerve pain, arthritis, shingles or any kind of inflammation and can be used on open wounds. I prefer yarrow for open wounds, unless there is bruising as well, in which case I’d use St John’s Wort.  It works just as effectively as arnica for bruising.  It also relives sunburn and frostbite.  I’ve read that some people have increased photo-sensitivity from using St John’s Wort, but I’ve not seen it in anyone myself.

I used St Johns Wort oil most spectacularly when I disturbed a wasp nest and was stung at least a dozen times and had a histamine overload.

I also keep some flowers dried flowers for tea on glum winter days.

Local medicine

As I’m plugged into the Planetary Animal Mother, I take it for granted that She wants me to be well and happy and that She has provided everything I need within walking distance to make it so.  Our ability to travel around and settle a long way from our indigenous homelands has made it harder for our mind-body systems, poisoned and attacked on so many fronts as they are, to access the innate self-healing with which we are endowed.  However, my experience here supports the notion that, if you are able to return to your ancestral homelands, your health will improve and the local medicine will be better than anything you can buy.  Especially if you make it yourself.

Update on wound healing with St John’s Wort

Our adopted dobermann Freya, was spayed last week.  The vets gave us a prescription for antibiotics, which we didn’t use.  Instead I gave Freya coconut oil with St John’s Wort, yarrow and cannabis for the first few days and rubbed the St John’s Wort in coconut oil on her surgical wound.  When we went back to the vet for her three-day check-up after the surgery, her temperature was normal and her wound was healing well with no sign of infection.

I used the St John’s Wort in coconut oil for the wound as it is anti-inflammatory and soothes nerves.  She hardly licked the wound at all and it healed very quickly.




Preparation for a Telestic Session

A telestic session is a directed encounter with the Organic Light, in a state of ecstatic trance, usually with the aid of shamanic plants.  Telestic shamanism is the method of the Gnostic seers of the Sophianic Mystery Schools, as recovered and rediscovered by John Lash.

Is it necessary to prepare for a telestic session?

I would say that the majority of us would benefit from some preparation; if nothing else, at the very least because we are not living the lives the Goddess intended for us in the pristine landscape of Her physical body.  Everyday we are dealing with massive amounts of pollution, electrosmog and toxic people.  How much preparation you need depends on how ruthless you are in any regular recapitulation you undertake, your mental and emotional hygiene, your physical condition and your environment.

For a group that is planning a telestic session together for the first time, I think that it is essential to do these practices together in the days leading up to the session. This will help reduce the likelihood of personal drama infecting the session, as well as helping group bonding. No doubt there are many methods of preparing for a telestic session.  I’ve used these methods in the two group sessions we have run so far, which were very successful.  These methods are also tools that can be used regularly as part of your recapitulation process.

What is recapitulation?

Simply put, recapitulation is clearing out memories and experiences, so that they don’t influence future experience. For example, if you don’t recapitulate on your childhood experience that made you afraid of dogs, that fear will always emerge when you meet another dog.  In this sense, recapitulation is a useful tool for letting go of life’s traumas and moving on.

For the warrior-shaman, recapitulation is necessary in order to get over any sense of narcissism or self-importance in order to maximize capacity. You can only experience the fullness of your desires, relationships, projects or challenges if you are rigorous in dumping out the dregs. Sometimes I get trapped in ideas about other people’s expectations, bogged down in replays of past events and lost in my own mental chatter, narrating the me-story – this is a call to recapitulation.

Most shamanic traditions mention the filaments or aka cords that connect you with anyone (living or dead) or thing or idea to which you have ever given any attention, or when some one else has given you their attention.  These connections become distracting after a while and eventually drain your attention and your energy. The objective of recapitulation is to review your connections and cull those you no longer want in your life. It is sometimes referred to as stalking yourself.

In the Sophianic Narrative the Earth is the physical body of the Aeon Sophia and everything on this planet is infused with Her Luminosity.  This is the Organic Light and It is everywhere all the time. Everything seems to float within it,  connected  with spiralling filaments of Her Living Light formed by the mirroring attention, invisible to normal vision.  Practitioners of Planetary Tantra cultivate awareness of these threads and consciously select those we want to weave into the fabrics of our lives and ruthlessly slice off anything that no longer pleases.

Three levels of recapitulation

I’ve found that memories and habits are stored in the mind-body system at three levels:

  1. In the somatic system of the physical body
  2. In the mind and the mental programmes it runs on
  3. Opening the chakras

A recapitulation that encompasses all three levels is more effective.  i usually start with the physical, because this acts as a general clearing process.  I do this exercise sometime in the first four days of the lunar shift, in preparation for a telestic session, or when I feel bogged down or upset by something.

Trauma release exercises (somatic recapitulation)

In this video David Bercelli explains how we are designed to experience trauma and also how to release it.  Even if you do not consider yourself to be traumatised you will get something out of this exercise, as most of us have been systematically traumatised from birth.  For practitioners of Planetary Tantra, the release from trauma is often followed by a burst of insight – an aha moment.  Sometimes this ‘learning from releasement’ will come immediately, sometimes days or even weeks later and it signifies the psychic release from a particular event.



Psychological recapitulation

I’m not one for lists.  I like processes to be fast, easy, cheap and effective and it’s too much to try and do all you recapitulation at once.  It’s much better to break it up into bite-sized chunks, based on what is most relevant at that time. This process is guided by the Dakini or Mahavidya on shift.  For example, the last time we did this, it was in the clearing phase of a Kamala shift, so we focused on recapitulating shame.  Shame is the enemy of desire. Anytime you do this, look towards what the mood of the shift is telling you about what you need to recapitulate on.

The process involves drawing five concentric circles on a sheet of paper, with the smallest one in the middle of the page.  In the small circle in the middle write a reference to your ‘Trigger event’, that is the event that comes to mind when you think about what caused you shame.  So, if for example it was getting caught stealing when you were younger, you would write ‘stealing’ in the centre circle.

The bands moving out from the centre circle, like a target, are for who, when, where and how you felt.  So moving out from the centre circle, upwards towards twelve o’clock, you might write shopkeeper (the who), 1985 (the when), local high-street (the where), fear (the feeling).  As you look at what you have written, you will find other related events that come to mind and you write these down on the same paper going backwards around the clock.  The moving backwards signifying an unwinding process.  Most likely you will find yourself with three or four events that are somehow connected in your mind.

The connections will be through the people or roles of people involved, authority figures for example, the particular time in your life (or different times when you were in similar situations), similar places and/or similar feelings.  Once you see the pattern, you will experience a notable cognitive – aha! You will see how that pattern has become embedded and is operating as a programme in your life, so that whenever you encounter one of the elements the pattern is repeated.

The next stage involves a ritual that is needed to erase the programme from your subliminal mind.  You need to place an element of your body on the paper, some hair, spit, or a fingernail paring for example and fold it in the paper.  Then you need to burn them and scatter the ashes to the wind.

Notice how you feel after this process.

Opening the chakras

Shamanic senses are our normal senses working properly and for this life force/chi/prana needs to be moving in and out, through the body via the chakras.  You’ll need a pendulum for this process and a partner if possible.  I’ve described the process in the audio clip below.

Location of the main chakras:


Instructions for opening the chakras with a pendulum:




People often ask whether fasting is necessary before a telestic session.  It’s not necessary, but it will heighten sensitivity, just as eating a heavy meal beforehand will make it harder to tune into the plant guides and your energy will be taken up with digestion.  I usually eat just fruit the ay of the session.

It is important to make sure you are properly hydrated before the session, as you will not want to drink during it.


Marijuana inhibits your ability to perceive the Organic Light, so should not be used during a session and for at least 48 hours before.





Gardening with Woodchips

A couple of years ago we watched a documentary called Back to Eden.  It is an excellent permaculture documentary, that pioneers the use of woodchips in the garden.  If you can get over the Christian, Bible quoting dsitractions, the natural farming methods of Paul Gautschi are truly Goethean, based as they are on observation and contemplation of nature.

Our land is clay, and most people around here are dairy farmers. They grow potatoes, pumpkins, cabbage and corn and not much else.  The permculture sites always reference talking to your neighbours as a good source of information, but that’s only useful if you want to do as they do.  We do not want to plough up our land and cover it in cow shit.  Cow shit is full of seeds and you have to leave it for years before you can use it and ploughing destroys the mycelium network, through which the plants communicate. The Gautschi approach immediately appealed because this area is naturally temperate woodland – blink and an oak tree grows.  So do, brambles and weeds on any bare patch of land – the Planetary Animal Mother does not like to parade around naked!

We started the food forest in January 2014, by cutting down about an acre of straggly pines that had been planted too close together on a gentle south facing slope.  It took most of 2014 to clear the area and lay out some chestnut beams that came from the old house.  We covered the whole area with straw for the winter of 2014/15 as we didn’t have enough chips the and we needed to keep some of the weeds away. We have made raised beds that form terraces down the slope.  We put in swales and planted trees for the canopy layer in 2015.  The earth got terribly compressed by the wood cutter’s truck and the tractor for clearing the branches away.  We left most of the stumps in place as they will gradually break down and they keep some of the moisture in the ground.  As the land is south facing and there are no longer any trees there, it’s really muddy in winter and rock hard in the summer.

The biggest challenge was getting enough woodchips.  We bought a Titan chipper from the UK, which works well, but we still have to drag in the wood to chip. We have oak woods all around, but these are wild woods, full of brambles and it takes a couple of days to get enough wood to chip for a day.  Most of the permaculture sites that talk about woodchips are based in the US, where there seem to be an endless supply of tree surgeons wanting to offload their chips on anyone who wants them. Not so here.  Finally, after having bought thousands of wuros worth of chestnut beams from the local wood mill for our house, Alberto happily agreed to let us have as many woodchips as we want for free.  Although Dean still has to drive over there, load up the truck and bring them back here.  It’s still more efficient than chipping our own.

Straw v woodchips? Straw makes a good layer to suppress weeds and to keep in the moisture, but it’s not good for growing in.  I don’t have a greenhouse at the moment, so everything has to be grown in place from seed and the straw makes an impermeable mat that is too tough for the seedlings to get through.  I moved the straw away on some of the beds as they grew, but it’s more work than woodchips and not as successful.  With the woodchips I just move the woodchips aside to expose the bare earth, sow the seeds and push the wood chips back and the seedlings germinate and grow.  I keep straw for the paths.

So, we are still building our wood chip beds and have many. many weeds.  I leave most of the weeds, many of which are wild herbs and medicinal plants, as well as food for pollinaters and predators that would otherwise eat all my plants.  We haven’t used any fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides and everything that survived the drought of 2015 grew just fine. The thistles, gorse and brambles are the only weeding that we do – sometimes plantain, which is plentiful around here.  My aim is to keep the garden work to a couple of hours a day; of course it doesn’t work out that way because of the weather and the fact that we are still setting things up.  Still, in the first year we’ve had: carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, peas, chard, peppers, onions, radishes, beetroot, beans, broad beans, courgettes, squash and we would have had sweetcorn, but the wild boar got it all!


  • Minnie the Mulcher


Unplug from the Grid

Unplug from the grid and plug into the Planetary Animal Mother

We were not designed to live in an ocean of man-made radio frequencies. Mobile phone base stations, power lines, wifi, smart meters and dirty electricity are stealth weapons. Scientists, health practitioners and pressure groups all over the world are confirming that wireless technology and electricity are at the root of most modern diseases. It is not inevitable that you will die from cancer or some other horrible disease, but this will most likely be the fate of anyone who spends most of their life plugged into the grid, or the matrix if you prefer.

Dr Samuel Milham, Medical epidemiologist in occupational epidemiology.
First scientist to report increased leukemia and other cancers in electrical workers and to demonstrate that the childhood age peak in leukemia emerged in conjunction with the spread of residential electrification.

“Very recently, new research is suggesting that nearly all the human plagues which emerged in the twentieth century, like common acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children, female breast cancer, malignant melanoma and asthma, can be tied to some facet of our use of electricity.  There is an urgent need for governments and individuals to take steps to minimize community and personal EMF exposures.”

In this video Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, a medical doctor specialising in chronic disease, explains the causative links between radio frequency devices (including smart meters) and ALL chronic disease. He also gives some advice on how to reduce exposure.


The clip below, from the excellent documentary Take Back Your Power, uses live blood cell analysis to show how proximity to a smart meter affects the blood cells.


The Oscillatorium is an excellent resource for the study of unnatural oscillations non-ionizing electromagnetic fields and their effects on living tissues and biodiverse systems. This site provides interactive maps that show the specific pathways in the nervous system that are affected by different EMFs.

According to Dr Kruse, neurosurgeon:

“Humans have altered their electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of their environment. It is estimated that in 2012, the radio waves that surround our planet today is one billion times the amount that naturally reaches us from our sun! “

The electricity and radio frequencies to which we are now exposed are alien and archontic. Even though the archons are no longer able to reach us directly, we still have to deal with their technology and their agents. How we deal with man-made EMFs shapes the future of humanity, because it affects how our brains develop and how genes are expressed epigenetically.

The Co-created Brain

Human babies are born with large and yet still undeveloped brains, in comparison to other animals and in proportion to their own bodies. This is called neoteny and it means that human babies are helpless for longer than other animals – consider the wild boar piglet who is able to run for its life as soon as it pops out. Due to neoteny, human babies have an extended period of childhood/learning and throughout this time their brains are physically co-created by their environment.

Studies in bioacoustics, neurobiology show how the environment shapes brain and emotional development in children. In this presentation, Prof. Nina Kraus professor of neurobiology at Northwestern University, explains how an impoverished brain ‘hears’ and how this can be improved by learning to play a musical instrument.

Kraus says,  “Aside from songbirds, humans are the only creatures that automatically feel the beat of a song. Music entrains our bodies – physically by activating the muscle-control centers of our brains that get us moving to the rhythm, and emotionally by guiding our moods into synchronicity with its own tone.”

Today, more than 50% of the babies in the world are born into cities. Man-made stimuli, traffic, electrical appliances, TV, electronic music, sirens, shopping malls, concrete slabs and me-pads shape their brains, maybe playgrounds or parks, if they are lucky. Add the additional disruption of dirty electricity and radio frequencies with their micro-pulses into the mix and a new generation has been created that is totally entrained to the archontic grid and with no ability to respond to nature and limited emotional development.

Anyone born before the internet age has a differently formatted brain and not only a different experience to anyone born into the internet age, but also a different capacity for experience. A brain attuned to unnatural sounds, a constant electric hum and the pretending/acting of TV, the media and most other humans, has an extremely limited experience of authenticity. An authentic human voice has the same quality as birdsong, or whistle of wind in the trees, but if your brain and ears have not been attuned to natural sounds they will sound strange, even frightening, to you. Nature is alien to these generations and many of them will not want to unplug. If you can comprehend this and are ready, willing and able to take action, then you must lead by example, which also means that you must take care of yourself first.

The good news is that our brains remain plastic throughout our lives, so we can always reshape them to enable a different experience with new stimuli. Dr. Michael Merzenich, professor emeritus at the University of California, on brain plasticity.

Plug and Play

Unplugging Matrix

Popular culture would have us believe that unplugging is challenging, life threatening, like this scene from the matrix.  That’s Hollywood for you!  In reality, it is like this:

Sitting in nature

The body-mind is hardwired to entrain to a wide spectrum natural frequencies for growth and development, as a practitioner of Planetary Tantra, I do this consciously and with great pleasure. A seed grows when planted in fertile soil and when the temperature, light, moisture and sounds tell it that it is time to germinate.  75% of human DNA is the same as a pumpkin – take a moment to think about that.  if natural frequencies aren’t available, you will entrain to the next best thing, your fridge, your TV or your me-pad for many people.  What if the hardest thing you had to do was to switch off the electricity and tear yourself away from your electronic devices?  Could imagine living that way?

If you can’t leave the city, then take as many breaks as you can to re-attune to nature and get your mind-body back into shape. Do instinctual things that make you feel good: dance, sing, make love, play a sport, as feeling good physically and emotionally is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. And start learning something new, that involves mental and physical activity, to keep your brain healthily stimulated eg learn to play a musical instrument, a type of dancing, a sport, yoga or gardening.

 I recently received this message from a friend and PT practitioner Diva, who lives in Chicago and is fighting against smart meter installation on the building where she lives:

“I just returned from a trip to Spain where I spent 15 days in the pristine mountains of Andalusia. A landscape free of wifi towers dirty electricity and smart meters. For 15 days I experienced boundless energy, clear thinking, concentration, deep restful uninterrupted sleep, waking up refreshed and energized every day.  I can assure you nothing is more important to me then the feeling of wholeness in my body.”

This corresponds to my experience of moving out of the city to Galicia.  I have never been healthier and once here, when we found out that smart meters had become mandatory in Spain, it was a no-brainer to make the decision to go off-grid.  We don’t know what that entails yet and have a lot to learn, but idea of unplugging from the grid and discovering how to live freely is exciting.  Human animals are born with the faculty of imagination and the spirit of adventure.  But you will never discover what it means to play like the gods if you remain plugged into the grid.

Unplugging from the grid and plugging into the Planetary Animal Mother mainlines the boost of the earth, so I can see the defeat of the JWO on the horizon.

Do what you imagine.

Planetary Tantra Andalucia Retreat 2015

Intoxication of the Aztec Elixir

The mission for our Planetary Tantra Andalucia Retreat, turned out to be the merging of morbido and libido and the re-birth of the Warrior-Shaman.  I’m feeling vulnerability in myself as I come to terms with this new pretense.

Andrea and I watched the crescent moon dissolve in the the sunrise on the 10th November, in completion of the Visvamata shift.  We watched for close to an hour with Jupiter, Mars and Venus perfectly aligned and dropping into the chalice crescent of the waning moon.  I had no awareness of the transmutation that was happening within us, and many other human animals, at that time.

Aztec Elixir 10-11-15

Image from Stellarium of that predawn morning in Gaucin

(thank you Stephanie)

We were, of course, drinking the Aztec Elixir:

AZTEC ELIXIR” : codeword for Gaian psychotronics, the hidden and magical aspect of the wide-open war (public, enacted in the world at large) against psychopaths and the enemies of life whose core executive group is the Zaddikite/Talmudic Jues.”

John Lash, 1 October 2015

This is how Planetary Tantra works.  You don’t need to believe anything.  You don’t even need to know anything.  You just show up with the heartfelt desire to interact with the Aeonic Mother, Planet Earth, and observe the phases of the moon.  The dynamic tension between the earth and the moon is always in a state of flux, perpetual motion, that calibrates the attentions of the earth.  When we observe the moon, we are intentionally involving ourselves in that process, even though we might not know what that does.

When it came to deciding on the subject to explore in our telestic session, we were of one mind.  No small feat for a group of 12 people from different countries, USSA, England, France, Turkey, Serbia and Sweden, most of whom had not met before.  We were able to decide the question to take to the Light quickly and with minimal discussion. I’m not going to disclose the question we took to the Organic Light at this time.  It is in the process of being proven.

John reminded us that the primary objective of the retreat was the engagement in the Planetary Vision Quest. the discovery of how we co-create with the earth. This was a good reminder as no one can guarantee that anyone will see the Organic Light, but we would all experience transmutation through the telestic session, nonetheless.

More than half of us witnessed the Organic Light in that session.  It took me several weeks to unpack the answer I received to the question, such is the complexity of Her response.  At the time, Shakti moved my body into comprehension of what my mind could not yet hold.  My mind was still.  The energy that moved through me was fierce and strong, erotic, invincible and ravenous.  I felt as though I might tear the enemies of life limb from limb, bite the flesh off their bones and spit it out onto the ground and stamp on it.  Yet, at that same moment, I had the feeling of holding a fragile butterfly in my hand and letting it fly free above the carnage. The butterfly represents Itzpapalotl,  Obsidian Butterfly, the Aztec war goddess.


I was surprized that we found ourselves in a Kamala shift.  I was expecting that the shift would be called for the Snaketamer, Vudasi, with the dual intentions of healing and harming and there were strong Vudasi elements, but we were guided by Kamala, the goddess of love and desire, who beautifies us.  The exquisite tenderness with which She handled us through this experience is absolutely essential to the warrior stance, so that we never forget that we fight as deathless warriors, with and for Beauty.

Back home I’ve noticed that I view the world differently.  i am a peaceful person and I want to be able to live and play and love in peace and freedom, but I don’t see any chance of that happening until the enemies of life are eliminated.  There isn’t time to wait until the trees are all dead and the waters poisoned from geoengineering, or until all the food is poisoned with GMOs, and we are all sickened with cancer and driven insane with the archontic frequencies polluting the atmosphere.  Many people will prefer to remain ignorant of what is going on, but once you discover the damage and the perpetrators, I challenge any sane person to not be enraged.

What are you going to do about it?

Do not call for things to be done,

Do what you will, and it harm none

Except those who do harm and deceit

Who now you see in the throes of defeat

Amor fati is the cry

Kalika warrior, do or die


The Wonder Circuit

The wonder circuit and helper plants

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors first discovered the properties of healing plants, or the meridian system, or the solar system even? Did they have some special talent now lost to us? Or are we just not using the faculties we have?

We all have a “wonder circuit”. It is accessed via the “source prompt” in your mind. The Aeons provided this source prompt, precisely so that we can get to wondering about the nature of the experiment we are in. The source of our experiment, the setting of our very own domed laboratory, is the planet earth and the source prompt takes us directly into Gaia’s mind.

I access the wonder circuit when a particular plant comes into my awareness and suddenly I see it everywhere, waving at me: pick me, pick me! I wonder about it; why am I noticing this plant now? I wonder how it feels. I wonder if it’s a healer plant. I wonder how to work with it. I wonder whether it might work for……..Eventually I pick it and I smell it, taste it, hold it for a bit, crush it to release the oils. I notice how I feel, any sensations in my body and then I put it aside and wait.

The waiting part is essential, because the wonder circuit does not operate within your conscious mind. The source prompt is in the conscious mind, popping up many times a day, but you are probably too busy to notice. It prompts you into a specific day-dreaming modality, in which you are synaptically linked into the mind of the Planetary Animal Mother and with the object of your wondering. Your mind will be flooded instantaneously with data from the Source, but it will take your conscious mind a while to unpick the bundles and package it up for you. This information comes to you in the same way as the name of a forgotten song comes to your mind only after you stop trying to remember it. Unfortunately, if you do not believe you actually live on an intelligent living planet, or if you are not in the habit of listening to what you consider to be your intuition, your conscious mind will filter out this intel for you and your wondering will be wasted.

John Lash talks about this issue in The Tragedy of the Mother   In this talk he introduces the ‘source prompt’ and the ‘wonder circuit’ and laments the tragic fact that so few of us today choose to access this faculty. All is not lost. I suspect that many of us do use the wonder circuit, but don’t realise its value because we have been taught that only information that comes from books or accredited experts is valuable. This is not an either/or situation. Both intel received via the wonder circuit AND information received through your normal senses through observation and experience and what is quaintly called ‘book learning’ are valuable, provided that the information is factually correct. With ‘book learning’ and the like, you have to be aware of the motives of the author, as there is a lot of disinformation out there. I found that JLL’s explanation of the source prompt and the wonder circuit explained the intuitive process that I use to explore the natural world and I aim to demonstrate its use here in a practical way that makes it more accessible.

To be clear, I am not a medical doctor, an herbalist nor any kind of expert and I’m not intending to give any advice here. Most of us have handed responsibility for our health and well-being to so-called experts, at the expense of developing our own knowledge and we need to reclaim the process of discovery to recover lost wisdom. There was a time when most ordinary people knew to use yarrow to stop bleeding, or plantain for insect bites and so much more. As we moved away from the source of our life, nature, our health and well-being declined, we lost the knowledge of how to heal ourselves and we came to believe that sickness and disease is normal and inevitable! However, it is possible to reverse this process, simply by moving back to a more natural environment and lifestyle. That’s what we’re doing here and the point of this site is to demonstrate and share the tools, the process and the journey.

The wonder circuit feeds the imagination, which guides us deeper into the natural world. We then verify and validate our discoveries through observation and secondary research. The first time I wondered about the field of plantain we had growing, I immediately felt the mosquito bites on my legs start itching. I got the message that plantain would help relieve the itching and then did some research that confirmed this intel. I used the internet as a secondary source, to back up the information I received from source. I’ve experimented with using plantain, and other plants in several formats and I’ll only be writing about the plants I’ve encountered, what I’ve discovered about them, how I’ve used them and what the results have been.

As an aside, I’ve noticed in my internet research that the exact same wording appears on multiple sites, claiming to be operated by homesteaders or ordinary people living sustainable lifestyles. The original source of the content is never mentioned and these people are passing it off as their own work. I am really wary of this kind of material; it might be legitimate, it might be true, but I don’t like people pretending to be an ‘authority’ when they are not. What else are they pretending? We don’t need to pretend to hold any ‘expertise’ as this denies the experience of our own learning. We learn through experience and mistakes. When we share a true experience it may, or may not, be useful to third parties, but to pass off some one else’s experience or work as your own is not helping anyone. I will only be sharing information about plants I have experience of working with and if I refer to any other material I will cite it correctly.

The wonder circuit is not limited to working with plants, it works for anything in the natural world we might wonder about. We will be working with the wonder circuit on future retreats, working with plants, animals and the four elements Bhudevi style!

The next post in this series, which I’m calling Panacea’s Box, will be on the wonders of yarrow.

The Endtime Tribe of Galicia

The Endtime Tribes

“Mixing and mingling with the endtime tribes is a strange lot of free-lance wizards on whom one hardly dares to put a name. Shamans, they are. But shamans of another order, whose lineage extends from the future as much as from the past. These wizards have an imaginative flair, the gift for magical realism (more below). They can be elusive, but they are strangely, disarmingly direct when it comes to imparting the initiatory secrets of their trade. Exhibiting a paradoxical mix of arrogance and humility, they are fine teachers, although they do not belong to any tradition, school, or educational program. They are generous and ruthless, but also capricious. And in social and spiritual style, they are occasionally brutal.”

John Lamb Lash, The Party of Xolotl

The story of the Endtime Tribe of Galicia begins around 77,500 years ago (nearly three days of Gaian time) as much of Europe went into a deep freeze and the people migrated south. In our practice of Planetary Tantra, we are looking back into the past to pick up the threads that were dropped, so that we can bring them forward into our lives today. I am discovering factual snippets from the past, echoes of lives that show where the threads got dropped, filling in the gaps through the gift of imagination and bringing the themes forward to guide us in our lives today. This is the process of weaving the thread of our lives into the fabric of the universe, to make it more robust and beautiful.

Imagine our ancient ancestors, traveling in small bands and family groups, following familiar landscapes, guided by the trees and animals of their homeland. Today, we might map their route to a south-westerly journey through what has been labelled the Euro-Siberian zone.

Euro-siberian zone


Image from Terpsichores.

These people were attuned to the land and knew how to find water, track game and the seasons of fruits and wild vegetables in the forests and meadows. They were naturally nomadic, which accounts for the similar DNA markers across the region that scientists have recently discovered. Their animal instincts were keen, but they were also guided by the proto-shaman amongst them; the men and women who were especially sensitive to the rhythms of nature. These folk would have observed the shortening, cooler summers and the longer, drier winters and they would have urged their clans to head south and follow the sun for food and warmth. Hunter-gatherers depended on their shaman for survival.  It was a hard life and when these foragers found themselves at the end of the world, Finisterra, they settled in the forests of Galicia, because they must have looked so familiar to them.

Gaia’s Dreaming comes to us through the land. This is one of the insights that came through very clearly at out Beltane Retreat in 2015. She has different dreams for different places, which are all in continuous, contemporaneous streaming, sending out tendrils that catch the eye of any human dreamer who is ready to respond. She designates specific areas of the planet to specific tribes and these are the indigenous people of that region. That doesn’t mean that we can’t move around, we are not trees after all, but that we will flourish more easily in the areas She intends for us. I am an indigenous European; I might even have biological ancestors from this specific  area, but the key point is that I responded to Her call and am making this place my home. We thrive in the regions Gaia intends for us and this has never been more important than in these turbulent times.

I didn’t know this when we moved here, of course. We just came here on holiday and the beauty of the place captured me. Exploring the history of the area and finding threads from the distant past that we want to weave into our lives is part of the process of rooting ourselves here and making it our home. It gives me pleasure to discover facts about the past that feel as though they are fractally encoded into my DNA, like a key that opens up a new chapter of possibility in my life.

The threads I’m teasing out, come through the pagan roots of the people who lived here long before the Church of Rome took over. Even the famous Camino de Santiago was known as a route for pagan travelers at least 1,000 years before Christianity. Cave paintings in Altamira on the coast in Asturias from 35,000 years ago, together with artifacts found in the Terra de Lemos from 12,000 years ago when the ice finally retreated, show that this valley was a home and meeting place and for over 200,000 people. This valley was once a strategic location between the hinterland and the coasts. The gentle, undulating land is made moist and lush by the Sil and Cabe rivers and has always been several degrees warmer than the surrounding areas, making it a fertile sanctuary. That is very good to know as some scientists think that reduced solar activity might be heralding a new ice age within decades.

Altamira bison

One of the cave paintings in Altamira, Asturias.


Paleolithic Monforte routes

Agriculture was thought to have emerged out of the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East around 10,000 years ago, but more recent research showed that it emerged in several places at once. There is no record of when farming became established in Galicia, but if there were 200,000 people living in this valley 11-12,000 years ago, they cannot all have been foragers. They would not have survived without some sort of farming. This is another thread to pick up. The farming industry today is an abomination; food for profit is a failed experiment and we have to find another way.

Timeframes are sketchy when we look back into prehistory, but it is possible to find a significant overlap between the Celts, the Gnostics and farming, all of which seem to have emerged in the same area and epoch. This begs an interesting question: the Celts were pagans and fearsome warriors and they lived in the same place and time as the Gnostics; why didn’t they defend the Mysteries?

I think that the Celts and the Gnostics embodied the male and female polarities of our white European ancestors. There are many similarities between the two tribes to explore but to answer my own question, I think the Celts loved the battle too much. Farming allowed them to settle and forge weapons and practice the art of war. Knowing that their women and children were relatively safe and had enough food afforded them the freedom to go and fight in other places. The Celts (also known as Gauls) fought as mercenaries for the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and anyone else who would pay them.

“The kings of the east then carried on no wars without a mercenary army of Gauls; nor, if they were driven from their thrones, did they seek protection with any other people than the Gauls. Such indeed was the terror of the Gallic name, and the unvaried good fortune of their arms, that princes thought they could neither maintain their power in security, nor recover it if lost, without the assistance of Gallic valour”.

Marcus Junianus Justinus. Epitome of the Philippic History of Pompeius Trogus XXV, 2, circa 3AD

Celtic bands of mercenaries have been documented from as early as 347BC and after generations of fighting, drunk on morbido, they forgot what they were fighting for. The Gnostics, guardians of the Mysteries, and their own women and children were engulfed by the wave of paternalism that swept across the land, morphing into Christianity along the way. Paganism became punishable by death, the connection to our Mother, the Aeon Sophia, was severed and we got very lost.

Fast forward to today and what has changed? Gangsters plunder our land and wealth and the people are enslaved to the gods of profit. And where are our warriors? All our armed forces are bought and paid for by corporate interests and the Jew World Order; they are mercenaries fighting for foreign powers. It is the same theme playing out until the end of Kali Yuga. What do we do about it?

This brings us to today and the role of the Endtime Tribe of Galicia. We need to pick up the threads that got dropped here in Galicia, because this is where we now live. These are the threads we are picking up in our tribe.  This is our mission:

Healing the Gender Rift
Gender politics has gone rogue all over the world and there’s not much we can do about that. Our role is to bring morbido the masculine polarity back into the embrace of the feminine libido. This is a big part of our unlearning and learning.

According to John Lash, morbido is the instinct to kill, which has gone rogue in our society and needs to be harnessed:

“I’m proposing that the morbido is a death dealing force, an instinct to kill, predominately, but not exclusively, operating in the male of the human species. And this instinct to kill, this drive, is actually the weapon provided in human nature to oppose and defeat the spoilers and merchants of death……”
John Lamb Lash NB95 Concerning Morbido

Libido is the instinctual drive for the full expression of our animal natures, including the hedonic and sexual drives.

Both of these drives have been intentionally suppressed in all of us and we cannot enjoy life as fully bonded couples, in a sane society, without the full and correct expression of these drives. Our role here isn’t to go out fighting injustice but to recognize that as women we must bring out the hero our men, so that they can experience the sweet surrender of sexual passion with us. This is what the Celts forgot.

Gaian Gardening: Permaculture and Alchemy
Somewhere along the line, the way we found food and water went rogue too.  We don’t want to go back to the stone age, but how do we grow food in a way that supports us, serves Nature and does not cause suffering to other animals?

“… Animal agriculture is arguably the most environmentally damaging industry in the world. Animal Agriculture takes up 45% of the entire world’s land-space and is alone responsible for 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, 80-90% of US water consumption, and 91% of Amazon destruction. It is also the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution and habitat destruction in the world, and this is only a small fraction of the statistics.” –Patrick Haize

These days we have a sense of defiance about learning how to live in harmony with nature.  False authorities and corporate entities are making it more and more difficult for people to become self-sufficient.  It is not yet illegal to collect rainwater here, but it is a game of hide-and-seek regarding many restrictions that are not in place to benefit people or nature.  Natural living is the new protest movement and we need to begin the process of remembering the skills of our hunter-gatherer ancestors that were destroyed with the advent of agriculture.  This is a long path home and we don’t know whether we will find a resolution to the eternal conflict on the way, or not.

“The key event in prehistory is undoubtedly the introduction of agriculture. At least one cultural historian (Jared Diamond) has argued that agriculture is the single greatest mistake in the life of our species. A similar view is developed by Daniel Quinn, an author who presents metahistorical issues in fictional form. In Ishmael a gorilla plays guru to an anthropologist, enlightening him about how humanity became split into two camps, Takers and Leavers, represented by Cain and Abel in the Bible. The Leavers are hunter-gatherers who live off nature and leave it intact, but the Takers are agriculturalists who take more than they need, thus devastating nature and infecting themselves with envy and competition. Here again, the crux of Eternal Conflict in the human realm seems to involve lack of self-regulation.”

John Lash,  Eternal Conflict

We draw strength from the fact that our activities are fractally embedded in the full spectrum of nature, to include the supernatural and the practical mystical. Every step we take is a step for the whole of humanity. Gaian Alchemy is the process of learning how we contribute to the creation of the biosphere through our biological processes. We are learning this through the process of co-creating food forest, as we observe the weather and the seasons and how we interact. Thus we draw the threads back to our ancestral shaman and their journeys through the land.

Our land is Gaia’s laboratory and it will provide most of our medicine as well as our food.  We are growing organically and with minimal digging and weeding and using different companion plant combinations.  It is a delightful experiment!

The Vision Quest
The Endtime Tribe of Galicia is engaged in a planetary vision quest, the practice of Planetary Tantra.

“Knowing Gaia is not a matter of belief: it is a vision quest for the entire human species.
The challenge of this quest is to realize how we can live interactively with the immediate source of all life, rather than remaining blindly, passively dependent upon it. The first step in meeting this challenge is to learn and practice the vision story of the divine presence of the earth, Gaia-Sophia.”

John Lamb Lash, Sacred Ecology

It is hard for us here now to acknowledge that most of humanity will not choose a visionary path; many are environmentally conscious, without recognizing that we are intimately involved in the co-creation of a living planet. Others are socially conscious, while choosing to ignore the fact that we cannot have social justice without eliminating the predators of humanity. Others are waiting to be saved and many more are the walking dead. It is too painful to be around such people.

I want to say something about the sacred here. All of life is sacred, but we do not see ourselves as sacred within that process and, most importantly, we do not live that way and we fail to take action against others who violate the sanctity of life. Numbing down through meditation is no better than anaesthesia via drugs or alcohol. To hold life as sacred means to live it fully without reservation as a continuous process of participation. The currency, the means by which life becomes a journey of ever-increasing awe and wonder, is Gnosis.

“GNOSIS. The word means simply “knowledge”, but of a special kind. It derives from the root gno-, “to know, cognize, discern”. This Greek verb-root matches the Sanskrit jna-, which carries the same meaning. In Buddhism prajna is the “supreme discernment” of the true nature of reality. Likewise, Gnosis is the knowing of what is true and real in the ultimate sense. Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary (1965) gives: “immediate knowledge of spiritual truth”, contrasted to mere belief, unquestioning faith, and blind acceptance of doctrines prescribed by authorities. In short, Gnostic spirituality is an anti-authoritarian path based on first-hand experience of Divinity. It encourages an intuitive, i.e., direct, experiential, approach to God. It assumes the possibility of revelations from beyond the human realm, but it requires cognitive training to assess these revelations. Gnosis is the yoga of intellect that unifies far-seeing mental-mystical vision with the wisdom of the body.”

John Lamb Lash GNOSIS

We are recovering the telestic practice of receiving instruction by the Organic Light.

“The ancient mystics of the Mysteries had a dual mission: to maintain their visionary practice of gnosis, and transmit their method to future generations. Transmission depended on conferring the core experience, instruction by the Light, upon neophytes who would in turn become telestai, “those who are aimed,” i.e., guided by the wisdom of the earth goddess, Sophia.The rite of instruction (mathesis, also called theoria, “beholding”), the most deeply guarded secret of Pagan initiation, was never openly declared—until now.”

John Lamb Lash, Spiritual Warrior

We are sharing our discovery in retreats and gatherings, to help other endtime tribes and practising ourselves, just for the pleasure and beauty; drawing from a vision of the yuga to come.

“If the human species does not survive, it will ultimately be due to failure to observe Beauty.”

John Lamb Lash, Gaia Responds to the Panic