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This discussion forum is intended for sharing observations and experiences that you consider to be evidence of Correction.

what is sophia’s correction?

For those not familiar with the term, Correction is the process by which the Aeon Sophia, the indwelling Divinity of the earth and the Divine Mother of the human species and all life on this planet engages in getting Her experiment back on track. It is easy to see today how life on this planet is becoming increasingly insane and destructive, and it requires intentional focus and action on multiple fronts to turn this situation around. The term ‘Correction’ is useful in that it offers a way of looking at the problems and chaos of the times as necessary for the regeneration of the next kalpa, rather than just entropy and extinction.

The Sophianic Narrative offers a version of evolution, planetary and human origins that encourages human participation and is based on astronomical fact and historical evidence that is capable of verification.  The animistic way of perceiving life was prevalent before the destruction of the Mysteries and the imposition of organised religion and its echoes remain in the various forms of paganism that are resurgent across Europe, particularly in the north.

The Sophianic Narrative is the mother of all pagan and indigenous creation mythologies and the only one that relates to the entire planet.  It was recovered and reconstructed by John Lash, through historical research of the fragmentary materials of the Nag Hammadi, other texts and shamanic investigation, and can be found here, as a myth in progress that extends back to the origins of planetary life and forward into a future we are currently co-creating, consciously or otherwise.

These excerpts from John Lash describe Sophia’s Correction:

“Central to the Sophianic myth was an event called in Gnostic terminology the “correction” of the Earth goddess, a concept that verges toward teleology without predefining it. In Sophia’s correction, Gnostics imagined the realignment of life on our planet with the cosmic center, the source from which the earth goddess originated and emerged. This intriguing idea is found in Gnostic cosmological writings from Nag Hammadi, including the Apocryphon of John (cited below). Scholars sometimes translate the Greek diorthosis as redemption rather than correction, but the concept of correction taught in the Mysteries was utterly unlike the divinely insured redemption promised in salvationist religion.”
From Not in His Image

Sophia’s correction is a journey in imagination coordinated with personal and public
events and phenomena in real time, the full spectrum of planetary shift including the spontaneous mutation of our species. To sail in the company of the Wisdom Goddess is a privilege and a thrill, the supreme adventure of this mythogenetic moment of ours, signaled 45 years ago by Joseph Campbell.
From GNE Crew Notes

Correction began in Mach 2014 and now, roughly 11 seconds into it in aeonic time, I’m getting more and more messages from people who are experiencing synchronicities, observing the moon in different positions, unusual interactions with wild animals and even developing exceptional abilities themselves.  The potential for co-creation with the Plenary Sovereign Intelligence of the planet grows through participation and as more of us recognize the reality that is emerging through our participation, we might begin to shape the epigenesis of Anthropos 11.  That’s the big picture goal, of which this forum is just a teeny-tiny part.

The immediate goal is the recording and sharing of direct experience and observation, with a particular focus on interactivity, not something you’ve seen posted on the internet or that some one else has told you about.

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