Gaian Alchemy

“In all thine operations, let the Work be guided by nature, according to the slow progression of metals in the bowels of the Earth. And in thine efforts, be guided in all ways by the true and not the fantastic imagination.”

Theatrum Rosarium

We are no longer searching for the Philosopher’s Stone, that mythical substance with the power to bring anything it touches to perfection. The Philosopher’s Stone and the Holy Grail are references to the Organic Light, the divine body of the Aeon Sophia.

“The Radiant Wisdom Stone is Sophia’s supernatural body”  JLL The Radiant Wisdom Stone


However, now you have that nugget of wisdom, what are you going to do with it?

The core of alchemy is the quest for immortality.  In Gaian Alchemy this is reframed as participation in the Divine Experiment unfolding on this planet as if we were the gods who designed it.  The ‘as if’ is important, because this is not an ascension process, the Anthropos will always be human, but the ultimate expression of our humanity is to attain the status of the gods and to engage in co-creation with them – specifically the Aeon Sophia and Thelete, the Divine Mother and Father of our species.  This does of course include transmutation of ourselves and the planet, as it could not be any other way.

The Gaian Alchemy Course teaches tools of perception and engagement as originally defined in the Gaian Alchemy Course taught by John Lash in Santa Fe in 1982-83.  However, what was then theoretical is now practical.  The original course is currently being revised, to remove some out-dated references and to ground it in the Sophianic Vision Story, which was strongly sensed, but not yet recovered when John created the course.  The text for the course will be available as a learning path on Nemeta and the practical work, fieldwork if you like, will take place in Gaia’s perfect laboratory, here in Galicia.

This schematic outlines how the practical work will be presented.

Gaian Alchemy Course


Working from the bottom of the triangle up:

The course has two ‘arms’:  the Psyche-Soma aspect, which corresponds to the Biographical and Biological Selves in the language of Planetary Tantra: and the Earth-Atmosphere aspect, which describes how the human is physically and psychically involved in the creation of the planet.  There is a steep learning curve in this material, but ultimately the goal will be attained through a shift in perception, through correct use of the senses, rather than an intellectual process – although native intelligence is essential.

Entheogens are at centre of the triangle, as they are invaluable in attuning the senses, the imagination and gaining insight.  They will not be a formal part of the curriculum as it is taught here, but their place needs to be recognized.

Telestics is at the top of the triangle and separated by a dotted line.  The Telestic Trance is the ultimate method of engagement with the Planetary Intelligence, the Wisdom Goddess.  Telestics is not part of the Gaian Alchemy programme, because all the materials are already available and the task at hand is to train the mind and senses in ordinary consciousness, as opposed to the non-ordinary consciousness of the Telestic Trance.

The first Gaian Alchemy Retreats will take place in the summer of 2018, here in Galicia.  Details to be published soon.  Please contact me, using the form below, if you’d like to find out more about the Gaian Alchemy Retreats.