Meiga, the Witch of Galicia

The Galegos, the natives of Galicia refer to the “witch mother” archetype that emanates from this land as “meiga”.  And in this section of my site, I express what comes to me and through me as a proxy for the “witch mother” archetype.  Please note: this is not channeling – I am not absenting myself from the process to be ‘taken over’ by any entity.  Nor am I identifying personally with the Meiga.  I am aiming to represent the transpersonal and humanly accessible aspect of the “witch of Galicia.” Naturally, this will come with some personal bias, because that’s just the way it is and highly pleasurable it is too!

There are four subdivisions to this section (currently):

“Spelling Out”

Spelling out is a series of audio recordings in which I identify ‘the lies on the land’ and give voice to Meiga’s solutions (or part of the solution) to issues that have shown up as a specific archontic/xenosh problem.

The talks are unscripted, so they reflect my mood at the moment and are still not as clear on precise as I would like them to be.  I usually record them outside in nature, so there’s background noise from wind, the river animals etc. – I think of that as PAM’s participation. I prepare for the talks by noticing the subjects that grab my attention and doing a bit of research until I build a ‘head of steam.’

The act of “Spelling Out” sharpens my attention and I’m sure I’ll get better at it in due course. The talks will be sporadic until I’ve learned mastery of time.

(Click on the links below to take you to the posts with the audio recordings.)

Spelling Out Authority

Spelling Out Black Magic

Spelling Out Christianity

spelling out disease

Spelling out electrosmog and emfs




Here I will include recordings or notes regarding significant dreams.  The point of this section is to record intel and associations that is sometimes fragmentary and temporally displaced – the relevance can sometimes only be recognized at a later date.  I expect that some of the content will also be recognized by others, and that will prove interesting over time.

Dream intel and addendum to Spelling Out Electrosmog: Psychoacoustic activation of the earth grid


These are works-in-progress on works-in-power, that is my spoken notes on matters arising as I track correction and learn how to handle Her power.

Enantiodromia – coming your way


This is a new (to me) method of mantique I’m currently developing.  More later……

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