Natural pool update

We dug the natural pool in August last year, so that we could use the clay to build the house.  It is coming along nicely:



We made a sundeck out of local chestnut this spring, but it’s been to hot to sit out there.  We’ve had no rain for over six weeks and the water level goes down a couple of centimetres every day due to evaporation.  We are having to top the pool up every few days from the well.  We’re opening up the old well in the barn this week, to use for the garden and the pool, but we really need some rain now.

FINAL UPDATE 2019: after three years the pool dried up in the summer.  It’s full in winter, when we don’t need it and dry in summer when we’d like to use it.  We can’t fill it from our well, so it is now a wildlife pond.  LESSON: If you are going to build a natural pool, make sure you have a sufficient water supply to fill it in the summer!