The New Euro-Aboriginal

Celtic circle: winter solstice 2016


“What is the definition of ‘aboriginal’?  It means ‘from the beginning, the origin,’ and usually refers to tribal people living before or outside civilization – so-called primitive people.  At this time in history aboriginal (indigenous peoples around the world have almost entirely disappeared, due to a systematic program of extermination extending over many centuries.  A tragic fact, for sure, but what if there is a way to return to the origin, even go back to the beginning of the world? Wer this possible, the aboriginal view of life could be recovered and restored.”

John Lash, Matangi Shift, February 2016, Andalucia

I hereby out myself as a new Euro-Aboriginal.  I am an indigenous European and I’m living the dream of the Wisdom Goddess.  I recognize the source of my life as the living planet and I’m working out how to live to my fullest potential, in accordance with Her original design.

That doesn’t mean a return to the stone age; She endowed the Anthropos with genius potential and technology, engineering, comfort and pleasure are the natural outputs of that endowment.  But technology that uses valuable resources without adding any real benefit to life, is ultimately damaging to life.  Do I need an iPhone 7?  No, but I enjoy the comforts of a beautiful home, electricity and the internet, and I’d really like a ride-on lawnmower one day.  I enjoy working out these boundaries.  Where is the trade-off between effort and comfort?  What do I need to do for myself?  What do I want other people to do for me?  What makes me happy?  What am I contributing to the species and life in general? And yes, given the turbulent times we are living in, I want the guidance and protection of the Planetary Animal Mother too.

Civilisation, so-called, leaves me cold.  I used to enjoy life in the city, but now I prefer to spend as much time as possible in nature, mostly because it is so painfully disappointing to be around so many damaged and deranged people.  I lament the fact that the Europeans have squandered the legacies of minds like Tesla, Galileo, Socrates, Goethe, Mozart and Marcus Aurelius, to name just a handful.  I hate to see our cities swarming with hungry ghosts, while those who show the slightest potential are siphoned off into the vampire professions, where they are lavishly rewarded as they are molded into compliance. I trace this wrong-turn back to the First Agricultural Revolution, around 10,000 BC, when we shifted from nomadic hunter-gatherers to farming societies.  Much cultural richness emerged from this shift, science, art and literature, but with it also came the archontic infection and the rise of the patriarchy, with cruelty, slavery, endless wars, the rise of the mega-cities and the sweeping severance of the people from our roots in the land.  It is impossible to escape the corruption and insane destruction that rampages across the planet and just as impossible to reach those who are the cause of it.  However, the Aeonic Mother now has the witnesses She needs for Her Correction and She will clear out the trash at the end of this stinking cul-de-sac, in the final 200 years of this yuga, 11 minutes of Aeonic time.  What a thrilling time to be alive! How do I participate in this unique event in the history of our planet?

This page will be the access point to posts exploring my experiences of living as a Sophianic animist and a  Euro-Aboriginal.