Pagan Healing

Why Pagan Healing?  I’m a pagan, a Sophianic animist to be precise and I’ve learned a fair amount about how to activate and support our innate, Goddess given healing ability.  I use the terms ‘healer’ and ‘witch’ comfortably and interchangeably and in the full knowledge that no one ever heals anyone else.  However, I have healed my self from a bleeding stomach ulcer that I had for twenty odd years, and I’ve witnessed hundreds of so-called miraculous healing events in others.  I’ve seen wounds heal in minutes, tooth cavities repair, spines straighten, tumours and scars disappear as I watched and many other events that medical science considers to be impossible or a mere fluke.  I did not cause any of these events to happen; the only thing I can say for sure that I did was to help my clients stop working against themselves, so that their innate healing could progress.  I don’t do this work for a living anymore because I found that most people just want to be ‘fixed’ and don’t want to make the changes necessary to maintain their health, so they kept coming back with new issues!  These days, miracles have less shelf-life than a white conservative on jootube.

Self-healing is a divine endowment available to all.  Everyone is born with the pharmacopeia of local healing plants fully installed, but the memories aren’t triggered by looking at boxes on supermarket shelves.  You have to be out in nature, where the intelligence of the earth can touch you and guide you to what is needed. Panacea is the Greek Goddess of healing, said to have a medicine that cures all sickness – the universal panacea.  Panacea has many names: Hygeia, Parnashavari and Sacha Mama, to name a few.  She is often pictured holding a snake, which is said to be a reference to Asclepius, the father of Hygeia and Panacea as well as the father of medicine.  The snake is considered to be the symbol of medicine, because the snake holds the antidote to its own venom, just as medicine can be harmful as well as benevolent.  It is also a reference to kundalini, the smaller coils of the earth’s own telluric currents that reside at the base of the spine.  My primary focus now is on alchemy and regeneration, the raising of kundalini through the illumination of the senses that produces a burst of cellular activity – serpent power.



Panacea’s power is clearly evident in the placebo effect. The placebo effect is a well-known phenomenon, describing how patients who have received sham treatment make real and measurable recoveries. The placebo effect accounts for more healing than any other drug or treatment yet discovered and is apparently getting even stronger.

“It’s not that the old meds are getting weaker, drug developers say. It’s as if the placebo effect is somehow getting stronger.”

Drug companies and their researchers studying the placebo effect, finally came to realise what shamanic healers have known for eons, that ritual opens up the healing pathways of the brain. In order for the healing ritual to work, the patient must believe in it and it makes no difference whether the ritual takes place in the steamy Amazonian jungle with smoke and feathers, or in a sterile doctors office with white coats and medical equipment. The placebo effect is modern medicine’s dismissive description of our innate, Goddess-given self-healing ability. The panacea is within all of us, but sadly, we have to be tricked into accessing it. And as if that’s not bad enough, evidence of the harmful aspect is also easy to find: a diagnosis of cancer or a terminal illness acts like voodoo on your brain, stalling your healing to the point where death becomes inevitable. This is called the nocebo effect.

Many illnesses are the result of poor lifestyle choices and our separation from nature, but that is not the whole story; we are also under attack. We are being systematically poisoned and weakened through geoengineering, GMOs, water fluoridation, weaponised medicine and electronic warfare.  Yet, as it becomes increasingly obvious that modern medicine is a total scam, the only place to turn is to natural remedies and your own intuition.

In this section, I’m sharing the natural healing techniques, plant medicine and first aid remedies that I use for myself and those close to me, because they work. It will not be an exhaustive list, but it will be reliable and I welcome any contributions that you have tried and tested too.  We need to remember, relearn and discover natural ways to take care of our own health. This is not as difficult as the experts would have you believe. Certainly, there is a big difference between healing cancer and dealing with a wasp attack, but for every single one of us the solution always arises at the time of greatest need and not a moment before.

Any pagan worth his/her salt goes to the woods to heal and after that comes regeneration.

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