Planetary Tantra

 Interactive magic with Gaia

When you enter intimately with the Fabric of Life, you observe an opportunity to pull certain particular strands of the Weaving of the Universe. To reach into the weaving and take one particular strand and pull that strand in such a way that it changes the shape of the weaving, that’s an Orchestration of Fate… In that analogy, the thread that you use for the orchestration that changes the shape of the weaving of the Universe… is your own Life.”……..John Lamb Lash

John Lash released Planetary Tantra into our consciousness in January 2009, and you can find all the materials explaining what it is, how he received it and how to practice it here. I “discovered” the practice in the autumn of 2013.  I’d just read John’s book Not in His Image, which is a life-changer for anyone prepared to let go of certain illusions and delusions and, like many others before me, I wondered – what next?  Planetary Tantra answers that question.  I’m not going to go into a detailed description of Planetary Tantra here, as you can find that on the site. Instead, I’m going to explain a little about how I came to the practice, what it means to me and how we practice it here.

In the summer of 2013, not long after we had moved into our little cabin here in Galicia, I was sitting on the sofa on the verandah contemplating the book I was planning on the teaching I’d received from our dog, Dexter. As I sorted through the lessons in my head, I recognised that there was another presence. This presence had been there for a long time and yet this was the first time I had acknowledged it. So I asked: who are you? What is your name? And like a lightening bolt the name burst through my brain, as though it had always been there, no audible voice, just the name: Sophia-Gaia. So I looked that up immediately, discovered Her story on and ordered Not in His Image, with a feeling of huge anticipation.

We moved to rural Spain because we wanted an adventure and we yearned for freedom and a more natural existence. It took us four years to find the area we wanted to live in, sell our house and move here. We bought an abandoned farm with the vague aims of growing our own food and setting up some sort of retreat centre. In less than two years we have built a cabin, started building our eco-house, laid out and begun planting a food forest and created a natural pool – made some new friends along the way.   We have also set up a non-profit association and held two retreats so far.  We are not financially wealthy, we don’t have building or farming skills and we are not special in any way. Our most useful skills and experiences are our willingness to learn and our commitment to live, as consistently as possible, according to our highest desires. The point I’m making is that desire is a universal power, that always delivers on everything and is available to everyone.

However, desire is so potent that if not used wisely it will consume you – one reason why the Buddhists considered it to be the root of all suffering. They knew that desire also led the way to liberation from suffering, but they decided to keep that information secret because they decided that most people would not have been able to handle such power.  It was a great relief to me to discover, through Planetary Tantra, that I do not need to suppress my desire in order to find freedom – because I had a lot of difficulty with that. Planetary Tantra not only recognises that desire is a potent force, but that “we achieve liberation through desire, not from it.”

This instruction fell like a seed on the well-tended soil of my experience:

“Hold to your highest desire, for the capacity for liberation depends on what you want it for.”

From Desire in Planetary Tantra

Why “Tantra”?

“The Sanskrit word Tantra is related to the concept of weaving and expansion- it derives from ‘tan’, meaning to expand, spin out, and weave. We weave the strands of our nature into a unified whole. Tantra takes the approach that one should not only not reject the body and its desires, but actually embrace them on the road to enlightenment.”

Marc Haberman

Planetary Tantra is the way we extend the weave from beyond our own lives and into the conscious dreaming of Gaia Herself. This shift in perspective helps avoid the traps of new age narcissism, self-deification and religious salvationism. It is both practical and mystical.

“Continuity in mind and action with the lucid dreaming of Gaia is Planetary Tantra.”

Before we moved here from London, I’d spent a number of years working in natural healing and have had some amazing experiences.  I’ve seen wounds heal in minutes, spines move back into place and people let go of crippling pain that had gripped them for many years.  With this in mind, I’d initially thought that our retreats would focus on natural healing and that was where we started last year.  However, I had some reservations about this because, although I’m filled with gratitude and wonder when ever anyone experiences any level of healing, it is not consistent.  Not only that, very few people seem willing or able to consider their natural healing as any kind of life-changing experience and the thread of their lives caries on in the same direction.  Where were all the people willing to see the wonder in the world?

Unfortunately, many of those willing to see the wonder, live under a new age rainbow umbrella that protects them from anything that might make them a bit uncomfortable. They never leave home without it.  The fabric of life is seamless, but we can only experience it through the lens of the belief systems we are conditioned into.  Many of the beliefs guiding humans at the deepest, unconscious levels are religious and created with the intention of controlling us, rather than guiding us in any deeper exploration of the freedom we naturally enjoy.  Any original truth in these systems has been corrupted for that purpose. New age beliefs stretch the thread of old religious beliefs into the fantasy world of ascension, angels and aliens all waiting to help us – if you just believe it enough it will work!  The irony is that we don’t need to look far for a Divine Being to engage with, She is right here under your feet and She responds to your commands.

The Sophianic Narrative tells the story of the earth from the perspective of the Gnostic seers, our native European shaman no less.  They developed an amazingly complex and sophisticated cosmology over many hundreds of years, which John Lash introduced in Not in His Image and further developed on It provides a guiding narrative, a framework if you will, that facilitates participation with the Earth.  For me, it helped me to imagine the possibilities of weaving the thread of my live into a future story of humanity that is intimately engaged with the Earth.

Once my perspective had shifted in this way, it felt incomplete and not good enough for our work here to focus primarily on healing.  Where is the magic in that? There will be healing, because self-healing is our natural state to which we will return once we abandon the beliefs and behaviours that destroy this ability.  The Sophianic tells the story of the Earth that is open-ended and dependent on our participation, as the Gnostics foretold centuries ago – and it includes aliens! Planetary Tantra shows how to participate in a way that makes sense to me.  I feel that sharing and developing this practice through Planetary Tantra Retreats is likely to bring more healing to more people and more pleasure to me!

The power and relevance of Planetary Tantra was demonstrated to me so clearly over the winter months when I sat back to question what we were doing with these retreats. How do we bring together what we’re learning and practising in the areas of permaculture, alchemy, natural health and what are generally considered to be paranormal skills, which are of course perfectly normal?  That’s quite a mixed bag.  The underlying question, behind all our plans, thoughts, feelings and activities  is always, “And what’s it to Her?” We want to make it easier for other people to free themselves from the matrix, in a way that brings wisdom and beauty, and is daring and playful despite the chaotic energy of the world systems shattering all around us.  We want to do more than just teach a bunch of skills. I just about fell over laughing when it hit me that this is Planetary Tantra; the conscious weaving of the threads of our lives into the fabric of life.

“Planetary Tantra is free-form experimental mysticism, the portal to interactive magic with Gaia, open to all but not suited to all”

The tools of Planetary Tantra are few and simple:

  1. Take the Gaian Tantra Vow (with a partner or friend of the opposite sex)
  2. Observe the phases of the moon (according to the Gaian Calendar)
  3. Become intimate with the Shakti Cluster
  4. Accept the three supreme instructions:
    1. You cannot become anything but more beautiful
    2. Love and the Supernatural operate on the same frequencies
    3. Samsara and this enlightenment have the same look

There are no arcane texts or elaborate rituals involved and, Goddess forbid, no belief systems required, no dogma, no prayer or worship. All that is necessary to practice is to follow these instructions in the spirit of open-minded enquiry and observe what comes up.  This is a practice of co-creation and participation with the powers of the Earth. Awe and wonder are absolutely guaranteed.

I took the Gaian Tantra vow with Dean a little over a year ago and PT is how we live. As soon as I came to recognise that the wild and scenic journey of my life was leading me to participate in the lucid dreaming of Gaia Herself, the pull was irresistible. I’ve been a lucid dreamer all my life. I’ve run companies, meditated daily for years, practised the healing arts and been through an NDE – all of which prepared me for for PT, even though no preparation is ever needed!   You come to it because you want to and it grows within you and through you like a mycelium network of infinite discovery.  Everyday gets just a little bit trippier.

Of course, we don’t claim to be experts in this practice!  We are in the first of the nine generations of Kali Yuga and PT will only come to its full maturity as it moves through the generations, but in order for that to happen we must prepare the ground and sow the seeds now. That’s what we’re doing with Planetary Tantra Retreats that we are launching in May 2015.

In the first year, the Planetary Tantra Retreats are focused on the areas we are most interested in, to share skills and experiences we already have and to deepen our learning through group practice. Mostly, we are providing the place and opportunity for people to come together to enjoy the experience of practising PT with others in a beautiful natural setting, where it is easier to call Gaia’s attention to you. For more information on the retreats, click here.

I’m not planning to write anything about the Kalika War Party on this site, except to say that we are in the Bhudevi Band and welcome fellow warriors.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply.  Willing is not enough; we must do.”  Goethe