Practical Sovereignty Retreat 2017

Practical sovereignty retreat

-Fully booked for 2017-


From 2017 onwards, all our events will come under the banner of Nemeta, the School of Sophianic Arts and Sciences, soon to be announced.

This year there will be only one retreat, the Practical Sovereignty Retreat, which will run from the morning of Sunday 27th August to the evening of Saturday 2nd September.  This retreat is aimed at ‘teaching the teachers’.  The programme is structured as a model for participants to take and replicate in their own environments.  It does not include a telestic session, but can be considered as preparation for a telestic session.  John Lash will be teaching the sessions on Sovereign Mind, Sovereign Identity and Sovereign Relations.

We are limiting attendance to eight participants and are aiming for an equal gender balance, although this is not strictly essential and might not be possible.  This retreat is for individuals who are already familiar with John’s work and have the serious intention of propagating their learning in some way.  If you are interested, please contact me using the Contact Form below.

The cost of the retreat is €550 for the week.  This includes meals and shared accommodation and collection and drop off at our local station.

The Practical Sovereignty Programme will cover:

Day 1: Sovereign Mind

  • Whose mind is it anyway?
  • The battle for your mind and how to win it.
  • Subliminals
  • The Emotional Plague
  • Entheogens

Day 2: Sovereign Identity

  • The living planet
  • The Sophianic Vision Story
  • Planetary Tantra
  • Ancestry (race)
  • Homelands, shelter, freedom

Day 3: Sovereign Community

  • Where does your food and water come from?
  • Food awareness
  • Gaian permaculture

Day 4: Sovereign Health

  • Who is your primary health care provider?
  • Symptoms of healing or disease
  • Epigenetics and repatterning
  • Gaian First Aid kit

Day 5: Sovereign Energy

  • Energy pollution and its effects
  • Individual energy management and conservation
  • Off-grid set-up/experience

Day 6: Sovereign Wealth

  • Real money versus xenosh currency
  • Attitudes and wealth
  • Alternative incomes and money management

Day 7: Sovereign Relations

  • “All My Relations” – Native American Expression
  • Communication
  • The Warrior Code: Gaian Ethics
  • The gender binary and gender rift and cultural marxism
  • KWP


If you’d like to know before, and haven’t already made contact, please use the contact form below to express your interest.

(NB: if you applied for the retreat and think that you didn’t get a response, please check your spam box.  i use yandex.mail and google has determined that this is spam.)