Preparation for a Telestic Session

A telestic session is a directed encounter with the Organic Light, in a state of ecstatic trance, usually with the aid of shamanic plants.  Telestic shamanism is the method of the Gnostic seers of the Sophianic Mystery Schools, as recovered and rediscovered by John Lash.

Is it necessary to prepare for a telestic session?

I would say that the majority of us would benefit from some preparation; if nothing else, at the very least because we are not living the lives the Goddess intended for us in the pristine landscape of Her physical body.  Everyday we are dealing with massive amounts of pollution, electrosmog and toxic people.  How much preparation you need depends on how ruthless you are in any regular recapitulation you undertake, your mental and emotional hygiene, your physical condition and your environment.

For a group that is planning a telestic session together for the first time, I think that it is essential to do these practices together in the days leading up to the session. This will help reduce the likelihood of personal drama infecting the session, as well as helping group bonding. No doubt there are many methods of preparing for a telestic session.  I’ve used these methods in the two group sessions we have run so far, which were very successful.  These methods are also tools that can be used regularly as part of your recapitulation process.

What is recapitulation?

Simply put, recapitulation is clearing out memories and experiences, so that they don’t influence future experience. For example, if you don’t recapitulate on your childhood experience that made you afraid of dogs, that fear will always emerge when you meet another dog.  In this sense, recapitulation is a useful tool for letting go of life’s traumas and moving on.

For the warrior-shaman, recapitulation is necessary in order to get over any sense of narcissism or self-importance in order to maximize capacity. You can only experience the fullness of your desires, relationships, projects or challenges if you are rigorous in dumping out the dregs. Sometimes I get trapped in ideas about other people’s expectations, bogged down in replays of past events and lost in my own mental chatter, narrating the me-story – this is a call to recapitulation.

Most shamanic traditions mention the filaments or aka cords that connect you with anyone (living or dead) or thing or idea to which you have ever given any attention, or when some one else has given you their attention.  These connections become distracting after a while and eventually drain your attention and your energy. The objective of recapitulation is to review your connections and cull those you no longer want in your life. It is sometimes referred to as stalking yourself.

In the Sophianic Narrative the Earth is the physical body of the Aeon Sophia and everything on this planet is infused with Her Luminosity.  This is the Organic Light and It is everywhere all the time. Everything seems to float within it,  connected  with spiralling filaments of Her Living Light formed by the mirroring attention, invisible to normal vision.  Practitioners of Planetary Tantra cultivate awareness of these threads and consciously select those we want to weave into the fabrics of our lives and ruthlessly slice off anything that no longer pleases.

Three levels of recapitulation

I’ve found that memories and habits are stored in the mind-body system at three levels:

  1. In the somatic system of the physical body
  2. In the mind and the mental programmes it runs on
  3. Opening the chakras

A recapitulation that encompasses all three levels is more effective.  i usually start with the physical, because this acts as a general clearing process.  I do this exercise sometime in the first four days of the lunar shift, in preparation for a telestic session, or when I feel bogged down or upset by something.

Trauma release exercises (somatic recapitulation)

In this video David Bercelli explains how we are designed to experience trauma and also how to release it.  Even if you do not consider yourself to be traumatised you will get something out of this exercise, as most of us have been systematically traumatised from birth.  For practitioners of Planetary Tantra, the release from trauma is often followed by a burst of insight – an aha moment.  Sometimes this ‘learning from releasement’ will come immediately, sometimes days or even weeks later and it signifies the psychic release from a particular event.



Psychological recapitulation

I’m not one for lists.  I like processes to be fast, easy, cheap and effective and it’s too much to try and do all you recapitulation at once.  It’s much better to break it up into bite-sized chunks, based on what is most relevant at that time. This process is guided by the Dakini or Mahavidya on shift.  For example, the last time we did this, it was in the clearing phase of a Kamala shift, so we focused on recapitulating shame.  Shame is the enemy of desire. Anytime you do this, look towards what the mood of the shift is telling you about what you need to recapitulate on.

The process involves drawing five concentric circles on a sheet of paper, with the smallest one in the middle of the page.  In the small circle in the middle write a reference to your ‘Trigger event’, that is the event that comes to mind when you think about what caused you shame.  So, if for example it was getting caught stealing when you were younger, you would write ‘stealing’ in the centre circle.

The bands moving out from the centre circle, like a target, are for who, when, where and how you felt.  So moving out from the centre circle, upwards towards twelve o’clock, you might write shopkeeper (the who), 1985 (the when), local high-street (the where), fear (the feeling).  As you look at what you have written, you will find other related events that come to mind and you write these down on the same paper going backwards around the clock.  The moving backwards signifying an unwinding process.  Most likely you will find yourself with three or four events that are somehow connected in your mind.

The connections will be through the people or roles of people involved, authority figures for example, the particular time in your life (or different times when you were in similar situations), similar places and/or similar feelings.  Once you see the pattern, you will experience a notable cognitive – aha! You will see how that pattern has become embedded and is operating as a programme in your life, so that whenever you encounter one of the elements the pattern is repeated.

The next stage involves a ritual that is needed to erase the programme from your subliminal mind.  You need to place an element of your body on the paper, some hair, spit, or a fingernail paring for example and fold it in the paper.  Then you need to burn them and scatter the ashes to the wind.

Notice how you feel after this process.

Opening the chakras

Shamanic senses are our normal senses working properly and for this life force/chi/prana needs to be moving in and out, through the body via the chakras.  You’ll need a pendulum for this process and a partner if possible.  I’ve described the process in the audio clip below.

Location of the main chakras:


Instructions for opening the chakras with a pendulum:




People often ask whether fasting is necessary before a telestic session.  It’s not necessary, but it will heighten sensitivity, just as eating a heavy meal beforehand will make it harder to tune into the plant guides and your energy will be taken up with digestion.  I usually eat just fruit the ay of the session.

It is important to make sure you are properly hydrated before the session, as you will not want to drink during it.


Marijuana inhibits your ability to perceive the Organic Light, so should not be used during a session and for at least 48 hours before.