Water structuring disc

The discs and amulets are made of of surgical grade stainless steel. The disc measures 45mm in diameter. To use, simply place the disc underneath your flat bottomed glass or jug containing the water/liquid you want to drink. This disc will restructure a 2L jug of water in 3-5 minutes. They can also be placed inside the water/liquid – but make sure the discs or items are clean and sterile before doing this.

Water structuring disc

Discs will be effective for between 2-4 years. To check that your items are still effective, do the following test :

Taste test

  • Pour two 1/4 glasses of either red wine or orange juice.
  • Place 1 of the glasses on the disc and move the other at least 3 meters away.
  • Wait for 3-5 minutes and compare the two drinks by first smelling and then tasting.

If the product is working, the treated drink will smell different, the acidic taste or tartness will be noticeably reduced and have a smoother taste.

Those with sensitive taste buds will record a difference in all liquids. Please note – a few people and most smokers and coffee drinkers have a reduced sense of smell and taste, therefore the differences may not be as obvious.

(The Electrical Field Entrainment Technology used to treat the discs is explained below.)

Water structuring disc

Stainless steel disc, treated with Electrical Field Entrainment Technology to bring coherence and structure to drinking water and other drinks.  Structures 2L of water in 3-5 minutes. Lasts 2-4 years. P&P included in price.

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Ophiussa amulet: for pain relief, regeneration and protection

Many people use the water disc for pain relief, by taping the disc to the area of pain with surgical tape.  This works well and most people experience significant pain relief between 20 minutes and 1 hour.  The amulet, worn so it rests on or just above the thymus, provides continuous pain relief and protection from negative energies.  It brings the frequencies of nature to you wherever you live and this helps the body activate its innate healing processes more effectively.  The beneficial effects are evident to the wearer within minutes and continue for up to four years.  It measures 27mm x 36mm.


Amulet price: €97 (including postage).

A waxed cotton cord is provided with the amulet.

The symbol of the labyrinth and the serpent, from the ancient world of Ophiussa, brings protection and wisdom to the wearer. See Ophiussa, for the background on this.


Pain relief amulet

Stainless steel amulet, treated with Electrical Field Entrainment Technology, for pain relief, regeneration and protection.

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Smart phone discs

These smart phone protection discs use the same ELFET technology to provide relief from the harmful radiation caused by smart phones, cell phones, ipads and tablets cordless phones and other portable electronic devices.  They do not provide complete protection, but they significantly reduce the harmful effects by bringing coherence to the chaotic electromagnetic waves produced by these devices.

My bottom line for using any tool or device is: do I notice an improvement?  I am interested in lab research, I have been through the reports for these products and I know and trust the inventor.  However, it still must work for me. In fact, I think it’s a matter of survival that we learn to trust our own senses and I’m constantly working on simple biofeedback methods that anyone can use to help train their senses.  As a trained kinesiologist, I have been able to test this with other people myself and I’m satisfied with the results.


Smart phone protection discSmart phone protection discs price: €25 per pair (including postage)

To use, simply peel off the backing paper and stick the disc/tab on your device, over where the  battery is located.  The discs are good for nine months.





Products/services as agreed.



Electrical Field Entrainment Technology (ELFET)

ELFET Chambers

The water structuring discs and amulets are treated for at least 24 hours in ELFET chambers in Scotland, using sound, light and geometry to generate a Naturally Optimized Resonance (NOR). This is bio-mimicry, copying the geometry of Nature to impart natural resonances into materials, so that when you put these products on your skin, the natural resonances are imparted directly to you, your animals or plants or your drinking water.  The treatment process creates a resonance or subtle vibration in the materials, which enables them to entrain living cells to the powerful and logical rhythms of nature, which are usually blocked out in our polluted environments.

Why use ELFET structured water?

Water exposed to the ELFET Disc develops a crystalline structure, as photographed by Dr Masuro Emoto:

Reverse Osmosis Water with chaotic structure


Water treated with ELFET water disc

Most people don’t understand that both filtered water and distilled water are chaotic or unstructured. In nature and in our bodies, systems only function normally when there is structure, otherwise known as coherence.

The intelligence of water and the importance of superior quality drinking water, ie structured water, have been highlighted in many articles and journals all over the globe. There are numerous individuals, groups and corporations researching or selling water that promote the misconception that the primary function of water is to transfer minerals into the body. These same people have misdirected and muddled the primary function of water by over emphasizing the importance of the pH levels (acid or alkaline) in water…​

​People believing these illogical theories, mistakenly conclude that water with minerals or “clusters” and/or at a certain pH level, provides optimum health. These individuals, do not understand the value and purpose of pure water with only the essential chemical elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen present – regardless of the pH level. Pretty water ……. But of no value!

We are now well aware that chlorinated water presents a major health risk – Findings from the 1930’s have repeatedly shown that chlorine causes cancer and yet municipal water is still chlorinated and fluoridated in many parts of the developed world. Those who are aware and can afford it, filter their drinking water, thinking that they are finally drinking good quality water.

However, for optimal hydration at cellular level, it is desirable to present cells with coherent structured water.  Chaotic water is not easily absorbed via the phosphorous sheath in the membrane surrounding the cells  and hence cannot deliver optimal hydration to the cells.

​Municipal and processed, bottled, distilled, reverse osmosis, desalinated etc. water is devoid of structure and can be categorized as dead water. For the body to function at its peak, it is not only important to drink enough water it is also vital that this water be of good quality and structure. When companies send their water for testing and approval, all that is analysed are the chemicals and bacterial contamination of the water. This really says nothing about the quality of the drinking water for health.  If you are filtering or distilling your water you are removing pollutants, but you need to reinstate the coherent structure of the water after the filtering or distillation, otherwise you are just drinking dead water!

So how does one know if water is in a state of chaos or whether it has coherent structure?

A liquid with molecular chaos has a sharp and tingly after bite to the human sense of taste. The chaotic molecules of the liquid come in conflict and do not blend with the structured and organised liquids surrounding the tongue and mouth. The tingly or sour after bite of a liquid with molecular chaos is the first form of information and defence to the individual.

Regretfully, most people are not aware that water with molecular chaos (and holding chemical elements other than Hydrogen and Oxygen), will not be absorbed by the cells in their bodies, but only sloughed off into vital organs and systems. The impure water with minerals and molecular chaos will be flushed out of the body.  However, not all of the unused and unwanted minerals are flushed out and will collect in the lymphatic system, kidneys and bladder, causing complications in those systems and organs.

A liquid with coherent molecular structure has a smooth and silky sensation to the human sense of taste. The structured and coherent molecules in the liquid combine and blend effortlessly with the structured and organised molecules surrounding the tongue and mouth. The smooth, silky and flowing sensation of a liquid with a coherent molecular structure, is the first and most important indication that partial or total absorption of the Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules of the liquid will occur.

Where we live there is no industry or large scale farming, but we can see the cell-phone tower on a nearby hill, our water isn’t crystal clear from a mountain spring, but it’s the next best thing, as it is no longer possible to find the pristine environment of our ancestors anywhere on this planet. I’m certain that drinking structured water has contributed greatly to our vitality, health and sense of well-being. The water disc restructures water quickly and simply, so that you can actually taste the difference when you drink it. Our dogs and cats prefer the structured water over water straight from the well and our seeds germinate quicker and stronger when watered with it.


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