The Wonder Circuit

The wonder circuit and healing plants

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors first discovered the properties of healing plants, or the meridian system, or the solar system even? Did they have some special talent now lost to us? Or are we just not using the faculties we have?

We all have a “wonder circuit”. It is accessed via the “source prompt” in your mind. The Aeons provided this source prompt, precisely so that we can get to wondering about the nature of the experiment we are in. The source of our experiment, the setting of our very own domed laboratory, is the planet earth and the source prompt takes us directly into Gaia’s mind.

I access the wonder circuit when a particular plant comes into my awareness and suddenly I see it everywhere, waving at me: pick me, pick me! I wonder about it; why am I noticing this plant now? I wonder how it feels. I wonder if it’s a healer plant. I wonder how to work with it. I wonder whether it might work for……..Eventually I pick it and I smell it, taste it, hold it for a bit, crush it to release the oils. I notice how I feel, any sensations in my body and then I put it aside and wait.

The waiting part is essential, because the wonder circuit does not operate within your conscious mind. The source prompt is in the conscious mind, popping up many times a day, but you are probably too busy to notice. It prompts you into a specific day-dreaming modality, in which you are synaptically linked into the mind of the Planetary Animal Mother and with the object of your wondering. Your mind will be flooded instantaneously with data from the Source, but it will take your conscious mind a while to unpick the bundles and package it up for you. This information comes to you in the same way as the name of a forgotten song comes to your mind only after you stop trying to remember it. Unfortunately, if you do not believe you actually live on an intelligent living planet, or if you are not in the habit of listening to what you consider to be your intuition, your conscious mind will filter out this intel for you and your wondering will be wasted.

John Lash introduced me to the term ‘wonder circuit’ and I still like it. I suspect that many of us use the wonder circuit unconsciously, but don’t realise its value because we have been taught that only information that comes from books or accredited experts is valuable. This is not an either/or situation. Both intel received via the wonder circuit AND information received through your normal senses through observation and experience and what is quaintly called ‘book learning’ are valuable, provided that the information is factually correct. With ‘book learning’ and the like, you have to be aware of the motives of the author, as there is a lot of disinformation out there. 

To be clear, I am not a medical doctor, an herbalist nor any kind of expert and I’m not intending to give any advice here. Most of us have handed responsibility for our health and well-being to so-called experts, at the expense of developing our own knowledge and we need to reclaim the process of discovery to recover lost wisdom. There was a time when most ordinary people knew to use yarrow to stop bleeding, or plantain for insect bites and so much more. As we moved away from the source of our life, nature, our health and well-being declined, we lost the knowledge of how to heal ourselves and we came to believe that sickness and disease is normal and inevitable! However, it is possible to reverse this process, simply by moving back to a more natural environment and lifestyle. That’s what we’re doing here and the point of this site is to demonstrate and share the tools, the process and the journey.

The wonder circuit feeds the imagination, which guides us deeper into the natural world. We then verify and validate our discoveries through observation and secondary research. The first time I wondered about the field of plantain we had growing, I immediately felt the mosquito bites on my legs start itching. I got the message that plantain would help relieve the itching and then did some research that confirmed this intel. I used the internet as a secondary source, to back up the information I received from source. I’ve experimented with using plantain, and other plants in several formats and I’ll only be writing about the plants I’ve encountered, what I’ve discovered about them, how I’ve used them and what the results have been.

As an aside, I’ve noticed in my internet research that the exact same wording appears on multiple sites, claiming to be operated by homesteaders or ordinary people living sustainable lifestyles. The original source of the content is never mentioned and these people are passing it off as their own work. I am really wary of this kind of material; it might be legitimate, it might be true, but I don’t like people pretending to be an ‘authority’ when they are not. What else are they pretending? We don’t need to pretend to hold any ‘expertise’ as this denies the experience of our own learning. We learn through experience and mistakes. When we share a true experience it may, or may not, be useful to third parties, but to pass off some one else’s experience or work as your own is not helping anyone. I will only be sharing information about plants I have experience of working with and if I refer to any other material I will cite it correctly.

The wonder circuit is not limited to working with plants, it works for anything in the natural world we might wonder about.

You are born with the pharmacopoeia of your ancestors fully installed.  To activate it, all you need do is go out and wander and wonder in nature.